Best Torque Wrenches For Bikes

If cycling is one of your favorite pastimes, no doubt at some point you will have had to perform maintenance on your bike. While it is always possible to take bicycles to a repair shop, you can save money by changing wheels and carrying out other maintenance by yourself, however getting the torque right without overtightening is very important, especially today when bicycles often have carbon fiber frames.

Safety is very important when it comes to cycling, and failing to fasten your bike’s components tightly enough could also be a hazard, and therefore a good quality torque wrench is an essential tool to keep in your workshop or tool box. If you are looking for the best torque wrench for bikes, you will need to look for one that is small enough to access the small components of your bicycle and to handle lightweight stem, seatpost and handlebar bolts.

When it comes to choose the best bicycle torque wrench, it can be difficult to know which of the many available options on the market today is the right choice, however we have done all of the hard work for you, listing five of the top performing tools so that you can make an informed decision.


VENZO Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench Allen Key Tool Socket Set Kit

An essential tool for anyone who loves to cycle, this torque wrench from Venzo ensures that you will never overtighten or damage any of your bike parts. This kit comes complete with a bit set for extra convenience including a 5mm allen key which allows the user to reach bolts with ease.

With a torque range from 2 to 24 NM, it is versatile enough to handle all kinds of bike part installation and it also comes with a gauge that is ideally suited to bicycle carbon components.

The kit is accurate to +/- 4% and is easy to use as well as being made to the highest quality standards. It also has a click mechanism which alerts to user by feel and by an audible sound when the preset torque value has been reached and therefore guards against accidental overtightening that could cause damage to the bicycle. This product is also effectively protected by the manufacturer’s one year warranty for complete piece of mind for the purchaser.


  • Click mechanism to guard against accidental overtightening
  • Torque range from 2 to 24 NM for all bicycle maintenance applications
  • Kit comes complete with a socket set and 5mm allen key



  • The value must be lowered back after use to avoid calibration going out of sync
  • The adjustment handle does not lock



PRO Adjustable Torque Wrench Bicycle Tool – PR100340

The PRO adjustable torque wrench is perfect for use when carrying out bicycle maintenance. With its high manufacturing quality from premium materials and its excellent precision it is not only perfect for keen amateur cyclists but also for professional workshop applications.

Fully adjustable from 3 up to 15 NM, this tool can be used for all bike maintenance applications, and is suitable for use when loosening or tightening the bolts on stems, seat posts and handlebars.

It comes with M3, M3, M4, M5, M6, T25 & T30 Chrome Vanadium sockets as well as an extension for extra convenience. Its torque setting locks firmly into place during use, so that the use can rest assured that it will remain at the correct setting whatever the application, thus avoiding accidental overtightening and the associated potential damage that can be caused.

As this torque wrench is manufactured by a division of the well known bicycle component firm Shimano, it is easy to see why this is such a high quality and popular bicycle tool. It also comes with its own handy storage box for the tool itself as well as all of its accessories and components, allowing for convenient storage and transportation between uses.


  • Comes complete with its own handy storage box
  • Torque setting locks in place to avoid slippage
  • Adjustable from 3 to 15 NM for all bicycle maintenance applications



  • The storage box is a tight fit for all of the components
  • The value must be lowered back after use to avoid calibration going out of sync



Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench, Drillpro 1/4-Inch Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench Socket Set Kit Allen Key Tool 2~14NM

This high quality Drillpro torque wrench has been designed to use during bicycle maintenance in order to avoid the accidental damage that can be caused to bike parts through overtightening.

Its click mechanism is an extremely useful feature, alerting the user by both sound and touch to the fact that the preset torque value has been reached and to stop applying pressure.

With a torque range of between 2 and 14 NM, this torque wrench is ideally suited to all types of bicycle maintenance tasks and it has an accuracy of +/- 4%. Its reversible, finely geared 72 tooth ratchet head is powerful enough to loosen and tighten bolts with ease and as it is made from strong vanadium steel, it boasts a long lifespan as well as impressive durability over extended use.

It comes with 9 wrench socket bits in several sizes – 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm / T25 T30 as well as its own useful storage box which is made from sturdy plastic and which makes storage and transportation of the torque wrench extremely convenient between uses.


  • Comes with its own carrying case
  • Kit comes with 9 different sized wrench socket bits
  • Made from strong and durable vanadium steel



  • Does not click at lower settings



Topeak Nano TorqBar 5 with 5 tool bits, 5nm

If you are looking for a torque wrench for your bicycle maintenance that can easily be carried with you wherever you go, or which can be stored conveniently in small spaces, the Topeak Nano TorqBar is an ideal choice for you. This set comes complete with five popular sized bits – a 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm Hex bites well as a T20 and T25 Torx bit.

The user can choose their two favorite or most frequently used bits to be stored and carried around inside the tool’s handle so that it can always be kept to hand for emergency maintenance situations.

Weighing just 62 grams, this tool measures just 4.7″ x 6″ x 6″, and its compact size makes its storage and transportation a breeze. This high quality tool has also been precision crafted, making it ideal not only for personal use by keen amateur cycle enthusiasts but also by professionals who are running bicycle repair workshops. The Nano TorqBar is one of the best choices when working with today’s high tech carbon components as it will guard effectively against the damage caused by overtightening.


  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage and transportation
  • Set comes with 5 popular sized bits
  • Two bits can be conveniently stored inside the handle



  • The click is quieter than on some other models
  • Only two of the bits can be stored inside the tool



Giustaforza II 2-16 Professional Torque Wrench

If you are looking for a professional solution for loosening and fastening bolts for the purpose of bicycle maintenance in your workshop, the Giustaforza II 2-16 Professional Torque Wrench is the ideal choice.

With its rounded head, it fits perfectly even into awkward to reach spaces, allowing for convenient and simple access to tricky bolts and nuts, and its torque range of between 2 and 16 NMs means that it is suitable for all kinds of bicycle maintenance tasks.

This torque wrench comes with 13 different bits in the 20mm and 100 mm size range. Its precision is to professional standards and it is accurate to within +/- 4 %. This tool even comes supplied in a red felt case which has been designed to be workshop friendly. This tool offers the best possible torque range for precise bicycle applications and sensitive carbon bike components to guard against damage from overtightening.


  • Comes with workshop friendly red felt case
  • Torque range from 2 to 16 NMs for all bike maintenance applications
  • Round head to fit easily into tight spaces



  • This is a non-ratcheting tool
  • Case is soft felt rather than hard sturdy plastic



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