Helping You Make Your House a Home



We all have to start somewhere and there is no better day than today to begin making your home everything you envision it to be.
COUNTRY SILO was started with YOU in mind!
What you will find here is all designed to help you succeed in whatever home improvement endeavor you take on - indoors and out!

"If Mozart Had Power Tools, There's No Telling How Great His Music Might Have Been."


What Are You Working On Today?


Finally install that smart home system, rain fall shower head or make your own built in cabinets then sit back and admire your handy work.


Create that perfect first impression and show off your lawn care and landscaping skills to all of your friends and make them wish they had your home.


Make use of that amazing outdoor space you paid good money for with some new furniture or setup the outdoor kitchen you've always wanted!


Nobody ever thinks about lighting until you can't see something. String lights, solar lights, path lights the possibilities are illuminating.

WHAT YOU WILL find on the inside

  • Information about home repair in the kitchen or bathroom, creating that ideal outdoor living space, setting up a smart home and much more!
  • Our reviews of the best tools, lawn equipment, lighting and patio furniture for your all of your diy projects.
  • Tips and tricks on making your more home efficient and maximizing your space.
  • Resources and guides to give you the confidence to tackle any new project head on and successfully!
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It's A DIY Thing

Growing up smelling the cedar in my Grandpa's woodworking shop and helping my Dad mow the lawn instilled a pride in 'doing it yourself' that you can't experience unless you're the one getting your hands dirty.

Home Improvement and Woodworking Tools - Country Silo

Whether you are looking to start your first home improvement project, design your ideal outdoor living space or just take care of your lawn the right way then look no further. You are on your way to Country Silo style home!

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