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CountrySilo is founded on childhood memories of my watching my Grandpa work in his wood shop with the smell of cedar flowing throughout. Growing up in a midwest farming area you learn quickly how to make what you need with your own two hands.

The pride you get from crafting your own furniture or building your own outdoor living space is second to none.

These days there are a lot of things that make those tasks much easier but at the core we still enjoy the DIY mentality. Maybe you aren't sure what kind of pergola to put up or the right tools to use so that's what CountrySilo is here for...

To make your projects as easy as possible!

Currently I live in an area where almost everyone pays someone else to do their basic home owner tasks like mowing the lawn, caring for the landscaping, you name it.

Honestly it drives me nuts and I can't wrap my head around why people don't want to get outside themselves and feel the real satisfaction of putting their own sweat and hard work into their homes.

But you and I are a different breed.

A throwback to times when rough hands meant something. When dirt under the fingernails was a talking point about the do-it-yourself projects you were taking on.

We enjoy dripping sweat on a hot summer day trimming the grass. We can't wait to be covered in sawdust getting boards ready for that new structure. Then showering off in our custom bathroom that we refinished ourselves!

For that, I salute you and look forward to bringing you some amazing content to play a small role in helping you make your house a home!

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