Best Axes For Cutting Down Trees

If you own a large yard or land, or you are a keen gardener with plenty of trees on your plot, you may be keen to save money by felling trees, chopping wood and splitting logs for firewood. To do this most effectively, you will need to choose the right axe to get the job done properly and safely.

The best axes for cutting down trees are felling axes which have been designed to have a very sharp, thin blade that is ideal for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. The best axes for cutting down trees also have a tapered head to cut effectively and deeply across the wood’s grain. An axe for chopping wood should also be of mid-weight, weighing around 2.5 to 3.5 lbs and should have a handle of the optimal length of between 28 and 36 inches.

This is the perfect length for cutting limbs off felled trees and also for creating stumps. If you need to purchase an axe for felling trees and splitting logs, you should check out our selection of the top five performing tools on the market today. We have outlined all of the main features and specifications so that you can make an informed decision.


Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch

This axe is perfect for users who are taller than the average and is ideal for splitting large or medium sized logs.

Designed to ensure maximum efficiency and to give the user more one strike splits, this tool has a perfect balance as well as an optimal power to weight ratio which increases the user’s swing speed, multiplying their power.

Thanks to the advanced bevel convex blade geometry, this axe boasts added power and this also allows the blade to be removed more easily from wood for faster and more efficient cutting. All of these impressive features combine together with the result that is a virtually unbreakable design that offers an increased number of one strike splits.

If you want to cut the amount of time, hand strain and effort you put into your cutting task, this is the tool for you. This axe also comes protected by a lifetime warranty for the user’s complete peace of mind.


  • Advanced bevel convex blade geometry for added power
  • Optimal power to weight ratio for faster swing speed
  • Virtually unbreakable design for a long lifespan



  • Heavier than many other axes
  • Handle is stiff and does not cushion vibrations



Cold Steel Trail Boss Hickory Handle

This axe features a hawk length of 6.5 inches and a handle made from strong American hickory for extra durability, comfort and a long lifespan. With an overall length of 26 inches, this axe is ideally proportioned for felling trees and has it is made from drop forged 1055 carbon steel it is rugged and robust enough to tackle any cutting task.

This is also a surprisingly lightweight tool, weighing in at just 2.7 lbs, meaning that it is easy to transport from jobsite to jobsite and to use for extended periods without causing excessive user fatigue.

Compact in dimensions and light enough to carry all day, this tool still does not compromise on toughness and is heavy duty enough to handle a wide range of chopping and splitting applications. Its European style head has a four inch blade with a 4.5 inch cutting edge to take a larger bite which each swing.


  • European style head with a 4 inch blade
  • Lightweight tool at just 2.7 pounds
  • American hickory handle for durability and comfort



  • Does not come with a sheath
  • Gloss finish chips easily



Gransfors Scandinavian Forest Axe #430

This professional quality Scandinavian forest axe from Gransfors is designed to heavy duty standards and is ideal for using in felling large trees and for limbing applications.

Despite its heavy duty usage, it is also surprisingly lightweight at just 2.6 pounds, meaning that it can be used for prolonged periods without causing excessive user fatigue and can be easily carried between jobsites.

This axe does not compromise power however, and as it has been forged to a curved bit it is suitable even for cutting resinous fresh woods like pine and spruce. Featuring a 3.5″ cutting edge and a total length of 25″ this is the ideal tool for all kinds of wood cutting applications, from chopping firewood to splitting logs. It also comes with its own protective leather sheath, a copy of The Axe Book and the protection of a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty for extra value for money and excellent peace of mind.


  • Comes with a 20 year warranty
  • Lightweight at just 2.6 pounds
  • Forged to a curved bit for cutting resinous woods



  • Shorter than some of its competitors which could be an issue if you are tall
  • Lighter than some rival models



Helko Mini Spalter – Splitting Axe

This splitting axe is made by hand in Wuppertal, Germany from German C50 high grade carbon steel to ensure extra robustness and durability as well as a long lifespan.

The handle is made in Switzerland from Grade A American Hickory and is oiled with linseed for better quality and performance. It also comes complete with a vegetable tanned leather sheath to offer extra blade protection.

The total weight of this axe is 3.5 pounds, making it heavy enough to tackle heavy duty splitting and cutting tasks, but light enough to transport easily between jobs and to use for long periods without excessive fatigue. Although this axe is smaller than some of its competitors, with a handle that measures just 20 inches, this compact tool is highly capable of delivering impressive power. With its dual wedge head design it can deliver extremely effective strikes to increase the efficiency of your splitting application while ensuring that the head does not become stuck in logs.


  • Weighs in at just 3.5 pounds
  • Dual wedge head design for effective strikes and easy removal from logs
  • Handmade from high grade carbon steel for extra durability



  • Handle has a slightly unfinished feel
  • Blade may need sharpening upon purchase



Velvicut 4 Pound Premium American Felling Axe with Sheath

Weighing in at just 4 pounds, this American felling axe has been produced by talented artisans to the timeless Dayton pattern.

The axe head has been hand-honed to razor sharpness and all of its components have been made in the USA to ensure the highest quality.

This tool has been forged from 5160 grade alloy steel ensuring its durability, toughness and excellent strength.

This is a tool that has been designed to last a lifetime with the blade being heat treated and quenched in order to produce a hardened edge that extends up the bit by 1.5″ for maximum edge holding. The handle measures 36 inches and it is made from American hickory for extra comfort and durability, being mounted to the axe head in the traditional way with a softwood wedge and a round steel wedge for extra security.

The head is also oil coated to guard against rusting with a linseed oil coating being applied to the handle for added protection. This tool comes complete with premium quality leather sheath for protection and extra value for money.


  • Comes complete with a premium quality leather sheath for added protection
  • Forged from 5160 grade alloy steel for extra strength, toughness and durability
  • The axe head is hand-honed by skilled artisans to razor sharpness



  • Handle is unfinished
  • Handle is quite petite when compared to the size of the head


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