Best Concrete Patching Compound Reviews 2024

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Concrete surfaces are infamous for their durability and rugged nature, but the most common problem with them is cracking. These tiny cracks might look harmless, but as time passes, the gap may start destroying the entire surface by making it weak and brittle. This is why homeowners need highly durable patching compounds to fill and fix those cracks.

These patching compounds are made using several kinds of cement, polymers, and epoxies to form strong bonds with the rest of the concrete surface. 

These pastes are excellent for DIYers or professional contractors alike. However, with hundreds of patching compounds available on the market, finding a perfect solution that works for your needs can be challenging. To make your repair project one step easy, we have curated a list of the five best concrete patches on the market.

Please scroll down to read our FAQs, where we answer some of the most burning questions related to concrete patches.

Top 5 Concrete Patching Compound

Red Devil 0644 Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch
Damtite 04072 Concrete Super Patch
Quikrete #862013 Concrete Repair
Rust-Oleum 301012 Concrete Patch
Henry 12064 Concrete Patch
  • Manufacturer:‎ Red Devil Inc.
  • Weight: 1 Quart
  • Product Dimension: ‎5 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Gray

Red Devil 0644 Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch is the winner patch concentrate amongst the rest of the products. Its fuss-free formula makes any patchwork a breeze.

The mixture also contains ceramic grit for a more sturdy and long-lasting bond. Let's dive into our winner product's specs to understand its benefits and features in detail.


As the name suggests, the Red Devil 0644 Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch comes in a premixed slurry that requires no mixing of any sort. Users can scoop out a generous amount and start working with the product.

●      This patch mixture is excellent for all types of masonry, concrete, brick, and block materials. One single tub can help you fix various cracks and breaks at different places.

●      This compound dries into a light to medium gray color, which matches very close to most light shades of concrete. If your concrete is of a lighter shade, this product will blend in quickly, giving a cleaner finish.

●      Buyers rejoice as this is one of those compound putties that don't shrink or crack. Most compounds are notoriously famous for a few random cracks, but this Red Devil paste is incredibly flexible and doesn't crack or shrink which makes it suitable even for a permanent repair.

●      Its unique build to last formula makes it highly eligible for various indoor and outdoor repairs, irrespective of the weather conditions.

●      The product is straightforward to clean when spluttered somewhere. A simple soap and water mixture scrub can help you get rid of the product while it's wet.

●      This Red Devil 0644 Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch is made in the USA and goes through rigorous standards for a high-quality batch production each time.

●      This concrete compound has a shelf life of one year, so buyers can enjoy using the product on multiple occasions after opening the tub.


●      Many users have voiced their complaints regarding their tampered shipment. This opening and the introduction of air quickly dries the product rock hard before it reaches the customers.

●      This ceramic-based concrete compound tends to cure slowly at some patches. The patch can remain soft and gooey even after several weeks.

Extra Features

The product's main feature is its whipped texture. Buyers do not have to go through an elaborate mixing and proportioning step to create an effective slurry.

Buying Advice

We highly recommend this product for senior citizens who wish to mend their patio and concrete floors without taking any professional help. However, remember that this particular product is not recommended for areas subject to vehicular traffic.

●      Manufacturer: ‎Damtite co.

●      Weight: 5.3 Pounds

●      Product Dimension: ‎8.27 x 8.23 x 7.24 inches

●      Material: Powder and Bonding Liquid

●      Color: Gray

Damtite 04072 Concrete Super Patch is a two-component concrete application paste that has unmatched strength. This super patch is a perfect solution for repairs that require a lot of product.

Its 5-pound tub will help you fix a lot of breaks and cracks in and around your house.


●      This Super Patch is an excellent two-component mixture that can waterproof, repair any surface. The product works terrific on stucco, concrete, masonry, and brick for a sturdy repair job.

●      Users can quickly add equal amounts of powder and bonding liquid in a container and mix till it forms a slurry. For more extensive application, you can rely on a paint mixer attachment with a drill machine.

●      This product has a non-shrink formula with unmatched strength and adhesion for various surfaces, including glass. The compound can stick to glass, aluminum, and wood so that a single tub can come to many users around the house. The product will not cause any acidic relation with aluminum.

●      This product is buildable, so you can stack a three-inch-thick paste by stacking multiple layers.

●      Homeowners and construction crew can use this product for horizontal as well as vertical repair jobs. The concrete patch is also ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

●      Its waterproof finish sets up very quickly and sticks to the cracks like stubborn glue. The fill-up also looks clean and professional once the compound dries.

●      This product is manufactured and made in the USA for better quality control. Users can thus stay carefree about the product's quality. 


Many customers found their patchwork cracking on the following day itself. This compound may break at various spots, even after mixing with appropriate ratios. 

Extra Features 

 We like the product's two-compound mix nature as its users can pour and mix the product as per their needs without drying the whole tub on the first use itself. 

Buying advice

 This product is handy as it sticks to glass, wood, and metal to a certain extent. However, buyers should make sure that the mixing and application take place very quickly. This compound hardens within minutes, so a quicker speed will help you complete a big patchwork within time.

●      Manufacturer: Sakrete of North America 

●      Weight: 5.5 Oz

●      Product Dimension: 25.4 L x 5.08 H x 4.318 W cm

●      Material: ‎Sanded Acrylic

●      Color: ‎Gray

Our first alternative is the Quikrete #862013 Concrete Repair. This tiny tube can work wonders by repairing various small concrete cracks around your property.

 Let's look at the product's features, drawbacks, and extra benefits to understand the product's specs in detail.


●      This Quikrete Concentrate Repair is a highly durable compound that works for all concrete cracks and holes.

●      The 5-ounce tube is a perfect size for minor repairs of concrete chipping or cracking around the house. The formula makes it easy to do all sorts of minor repair works within minutes.

●      This premix acrylic concentrate has a gritty texture to match the surrounding concrete. The color of the repaired patch will look just like the original once it dries. 

●      Since the compound forms a flexible bond, it is unlikely to see another crack on the same spot again. The formula indeed promotes long-term adhesion for ongoing patch repair work.

●      This concentrate is highly weather resistant. The repaired patch also prevents ice and water damage to the masonry surfaces. 


Since the product comes in a tube, mixing the product before using it is relatively tricky. Sometimes, the product gets accumulated into tiny chunks, which chokes the nozzle mid-use. Users have to cut the applicator tip to a reasonably large size to eliminate the lumps.

Extra Features  

This product is relatively compact and concentrated, thus excellent for heavy fixing. If you are starved for space and want a quick tube that comes in handy every time you spot a concrete crack, then this is the product for you. 

Buying advice 

We suggest squeezing and shaking the tube before cutting the tip for a proper ingredient distribution inside the shell. 

●      Manufacturer: ‎Rust-Oleum

●      Weight: 24 Fl Oz

●      Product Dimension: ‎4 x 4 x 7.5 inches

●      Material: Solid Epoxy

●      Color: Gray

Rust-oleum is a trustworthy brand that has been providing home improvement solutions for decades.

Their concrete patching products are no exception as it gives high-quality binding without the risk of future cracking.Enter your text here...


●      Rust-oleum's concrete patch is specifically designed to patch even the nastiest and most profound breaks and cracks on the concrete.

●      This patch works for vertical and horizontal repairs and can be easily used for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

●      Its brilliant formulation results in a durable and waterproof patch that never cracks or shrinks after filling inside.

●      This epoxy-based concrete patch comes in a gray color variant that seamlessly blends with other concrete surfaces. The compound can become paint-ready after 8 hours of its application.

●      This two-part concentrate has a considerable fast curing action and doesn't add any unpleasant odors after the patchwork.

●      The product gives a neat satin finish but dries extremely hard. The concentrate dries even more robustly than your traditional concrete construction.


●      Many users feel that the product is not the most viable winter concrete sealant. The repaired patch tends to crack after the first temperature drop in the winter.

●      The product can be very sticky and messy to work with, especially since it doesn't come in a premixed formula. Users can have a tough time mixing parts A and B to achieve a perfect consistency to work with.

Extra Features  

This product has a comparatively low odor as compared to other concrete patch products on the market. Buyers do not have to worry about harsh fumes during and after the application process of the sealant.

Buying advice 

If you wish to tackle a vertical surface crack with this product, ensure you stay near the patch to push it until it ultimately sets. 

●      Manufacturer: Henry, WW Company

●      Weight: 1 Gallon

●      Product Dimension: ‎7.5 x 7.6 x 7.8 inches

●      Material: Sand Compound 

●      Color: Gray

Last but surely not least is the Henry 12064 Concrete Patch. This premix patch is one of the most sought-after products when it comes to concrete patching and repairs.

Its one-gallon premix tub contains sand particles along with various adhesive bonds to give an original concrete finish with the benefits of sturdy adhesion.  


●      This product is a genuinely ready-to-use concrete patching and leveling compound chips and cracks. This one-gallon mixture comes premixed so users can start applying the compound on the desired surfaces without any preparation, mixing, or stirring.

●      This Henry 12064 Concrete Patch has a quick-drying formula that can complete cure and be ready for a coat of paint (if necessary) within two hours after its application.

●      The concrete patch is ideal to use on any concrete, wood, and masonry surface. Users can apply this product to various indoor and outdoor repair projects.

●      This quick-drying patch and level product can mend up to 20 sq. ft. of coverage per gallon, so a single tub will surely last long.

●      This sealant is highly flexible and perfect for fixing concrete joints. Buyers do not have to worry about new cracks or chips.

●      Its truly rugged and sturdy formula makes it highly competent for various residential as well as commercial jobs. The product also works wonders on ceramic, vinyl, and laminate surfaces.


●      The product tends to get punctured or opened before the shipment arrives. Not only does it cause a mess, but since the product is a premix, it tends to cure as soon as air escapes into the tub.

●      You will indeed have a hard time leveling the product. This concrete patch is not self-leveling and tends to stick to the trowel. 

Extra Features  

We appreciate the premix nature of this concrete sealant. The product is straightforward to apply and doesn't need any extra buckets and tools to mix the product for its application.

Buying advice 

If you are looking for an easy application product without the trouble of mixing the compounds in different rations, we highly recommend this product. The product dries to a neat deep gray and makes a perfect match for various dark concrete surfaces.

Concrete Patching Compound FAQ 

How do you fill holes in concrete? 

You might have an incident on your hands if you have to fill holes in concrete. String weather phenomena or rodents can create holes in concrete. Crushed stone or a mortar mix is the perfect way to fill concrete holes. However, you should always start by cleaning the hole or depression. Wear good safety goggles and gloves before you dive into cleaning it. Once you take out all the rubble created, you will get a fair idea about how much mortar mix you will need to fill the hole.  

If the hole is deeper than one inch, then don't dig into it deeper. Instead, remove the rubble with a chisel and clean the hole. Then, you can find your choice of appropriate filling compound for the spot. You can also make the bottom part of the hole wider than the top. This gap in widths will enable the filling to take shape into the hole and its position. 

After filling the patching compound, ensure that you clean the patch. Remnants of extra concrete tend to stay stuck inside the patch. You can spray water on the patch and clean it. In the end, you need to let the concrete set in place and dry. The drying process may take a reasonable time, but you cannot let water stay in the patch. 

Can you patch concrete with concrete? 

Yes, it is possible to patch concrete with concrete. You can fuse a wet mix of concrete with another blend of wet concrete. Therefore, whenever you notice concrete breaking off in your house, you can always repair it easily in cracks or patches. Concrete merges wonderfully with any new patches. It only needs to dry correctly to take full effect and create a smooth patchwork.  

Do concrete patches last? 

Concrete patches are an excellent solution for any damage to drywalls. Most well-done concrete patches can last decades easily. The trick to getting a great concrete patch is to bond the old material with the new one perfectly. You can do that by making the consistency of the patch similar to the original concrete. That way, the patch will be hard to pull off the wall. The patchwork used in large cement and concrete constructions is the same that you would want to use in minor home repairs. Another little trick to have up your sleeve is a thin layer of cement over the damp patchwork.  

Most concrete patches last at least a decade. If you are adept at making concrete patches, they might even last twenty or thirty years. The real enemy when it comes to concrete patches is water. Water or any other moist substance will keep the concrete from drying, essentially rendering it useless. Therefore, you have to keep them dry as they are set in place. The patchwork material should also not be applied over paint since it can damage its look and polish and spoil the overall aesthetic of the location. 

Will new cement bond to old cement? 

Cement is rarely used on its own. It is commonly used as concrete, and old concrete can bond to new concrete with adequate adhesives. Concrete has its adhesive properties when it is wet. However, it cannot bond to anything once it is dry. That is because there is a chemical reaction that takes place when concrete is formed. The reaction stops once the concrete dries completely. If you want to fuse old concrete with new concrete, you will have to use an expertly-made concrete patch or a special bonding agent.  

Concrete patching material is readily available in markets everywhere. You can either buy the mix directly or purchase each product in concrete individually. Once you create the right mix, you only have to add water to make a good patching agent. Once you have the bonding agent ready, you have to clean the patchwork area very well. Chisel out the loose rubble, dust the dirt away and clean out the ridges with water. Your bonding agent should be the consistency of wet paint by now. You can then easily apply the mix over the patch or the crack. Once you pour or spread the mixture over the area in question, you need to smoothen it out. The trick is to keep the patchwork wet for a few days. That way, the reaction in the damp cement keeps going on for a longer time, and the patchwork bonds better. Ultimately, you will have bonded old cement to new.  

What are the methods of concrete crack repair? 

You can repair cracks in concrete using quite a few methods. You can use an epoxy injection, route and seal the cracks, or stitch the cracks. However, the process of repairing cracks in concrete starts with deciding the best method of fixing. You need to evaluate and study the gap in the concrete to determine the proper method of repair. For that, you first need to investigate the cause of the crack. Cracks can be caused due to multiple reasons, and not all cracks can be fixed.  

The narrowest cracks can be fixed with epoxy injection. Cracks in buildings are generally fixed using such concrete injections. Another option is to fix large cracks with a route and seal method. In this method, the gap between two slabs of concrete is brought closer using some concrete routes. Then, when the crack narrows down, it is sealed using epoxy injections, etc.  

Another prolific method of fixing concrete cracks is stitching. In this method, the crack gets stuck with a horde of U-shaped metal "stitches" across its length. These stitches ensure that the crack does not widen under any circumstances.  

If the crack is straight, you can use the drilling and plugging method to repair them. Here, you dig or drill a small hole next to the crack and plug it with metals to prevent the concrete slabs from moving away. 


We hope our best concrete patching compound guide helped you decide on an ideal product for your upcoming concrete repair job. We took the liberty to include various forms of the compounds to choose the one that works for your needs. Lastly, we recommend opting and storing a concentrating tube at all times for random quick fixes. 

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