5 Best Drill Presses Under $200 [Top Picks for 2024]

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We wanted to make it quick and easy for you to find and buy the best drill press under $200 so here they are...

Top 5 Drill Presses Under 200

WEN 4208 5 Speed Drill Press
Craftsman 8 Inch Bench Drill Press
EuroTool DRL-300.00 Small Benchtop Press
HICO-DP4113 8 Inch Bench Top Press
Genesis GDP805P 5 Speed Drill Press

1. WEN 4208 5 Speed Drill Press

This drill press from WEN operates at five different speeds between 740 and 3140 RPM for greatest versatility of use. This model also features locking easy to read linear depth stops which ensure greater accuracy and allows for repeated drilling operation.

The powerful 1/3 HP induction motor offers ample power and torque with balanced and smooth performance while remaining durable enough to withstand the rigors of the jobsite.

Thanks to its all ball bearing construction, while the worktable’s height can be easily adjusted and also can be beveled up to 45 degrees to both the left and right.

If space is tight in your home workshop, this drill press from WEN is the ideal choice since its compact dimensions are small enough to fit easily into small spaces.

This drill is powerful enough to drill with ease not only through wood but also through plastic and metal making this a flexible and useful product for many purposes.

Depth adjustments can be made easily thanks to the easy to use knob while the 0.5 inch JT33 chuck ensures excellent versatility with a choice of bits. The onboard chuck key storage also ensures that it won’t be lost.


  • Compact dimensions for use in small workshops
  • All ball bearing construction for durability and smooth performance
  • 5 operating speeds for maximum versatility


  • The drill press is a little top heavy meaning it may move around during use
  • Drill press can be difficult to lower during drilling

2. Craftsman 8 Inch Bench Drill Press

This bench drill press from the popular Craftsman brand features a powerful 1/3 HP motor allowing for both drilling and sanding operations.

The 8 inch swing offers more than enough capacity for drilling while the spindle travels 2 inches allowing for a greater boring depth on a range of projects.

The square table is made from strong and durable cast iron for greater robustness, and as it only measures 6.5″ x 6.5″ it is compact enough to fit with ease into even the smallest of workshops.

The table is able to tilt up to 45 degrees to both the right and the left to allow for greater flexibility and bevel drilling.

The cast iron table features slots so that vises and clamps can easily be attached and the quick release handle ensures that the table height can be adjusted quickly and easily.

This model also offers the option of switching between five different speeds in order to handle a range of drilling operations, ranging from 740 RPM up to 3140 RPM. The 1/2″ chuck holds sanding drums and drill bits with a shank diameter of up to half an inch.

Thanks to the three wing feed handles, there is excellent control throughout drilling while the conveniently located on/off button features a removable safety tab for even better security.


  • Cast iron compact table for greater durability and convenience in small spaces
  • 3 wing feed handles for better control throughout drilling
  • Removable safety tab on the on/off button for better security


  • Laser sight is not very effective
  • No depth setting

3. EuroTool DRL-300.00 Small Benchtop Press

This small bench top drill press from EuroTool is perfect for use across a wide range of drilling projects and can handle surprisingly large tasks as well as smaller ones.

Protected by a one year manufacturer’s warranty for the purchaser’s complete peace of mind, this drill press offers variable speeds of up to 8500 RPM which is ideal for tackling all kinds of tasks.

Also as it only measures 6 3/4″ by 6 3/4″ it is small enough to fit with ease into even the smallest workshop.

Weighing just 13 lbs, this bench top drill press is also light enough to move around the workshop as necessary.

User friendly and simple to use, this drill press is economical to run and yet does not compromise on power.


  • Lightweight at just 13 lbs
  • Compact dimensions for use in small workshops
  • Variable speeds of up to 8500 RPM


  • Difficult to adjust the height
  • Variable speed knob is not very effective

4. HICO-DP4113 8 Inch Bench Top Press

This bench top drill press from HICO comes complete with a 1/2″ keyed chuck, a chuck key and all of the essential assembly tools for extra value for money.

This model features five different speed settings of between 760 RPM and 3070 RPM in order to accommodate various thicknesses and types of materials for greater flexibility of use.

The spindle can travel 2 inches and features a locking easy to read linear depth stop to allow for repeated and accurate drilling operations.

The 2/5 Horsepower induction motor is capable for delivering plenty of power and torque while the worktable is compact in dimensions, measuring just 6.5″ by 6.5″ to fit with ease into even the smallest of workshops.

It is also made from strong and rugged cast iron for extra durability and a long lifespan.

The work table’s height can be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate different projects and the table can also bevel up to 45 degrees to both the right and left.

Thanks to the integrated safety switch, the user is well protected against accidental start ups.

This model has been designed for precise repetitive cutting, and can be used with all kinds of materials including metal and plastic as well as wood.


  • Integrated safety switch for better protection against accidental start ups for the user
  • 2/5 HP induction motor for impressive torque and power
  • 5 speed settings from 760 RPM to 3070 RPM for greater flexibility of use


  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Some vibrations are experienced

5. Genesis GDP805P 5 Speed Drill Press

This drill press from Genesis features a 2.6 amp induction motor to ensure a performance that is not only impressively smooth but also surprisingly quiet, making it ideal for use in spaces where noise levels are at a premium.

Offering five different speeds, this model is very versatile and is ideal for use for a wide range of drilling projects and can drill to the center of an 8 inch thick material.

The half inch chuck handles are capable of handling large bits while the table can tilt up to 45 degrees for extra versatility and ease of use.

This is an ideal drill press for anyone who is looking for a powerful model at a price that they can afford, and as it is well protected by an effective 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, the purchaser can enjoy complete peace of mind.


  • 5 speed gearbox for greater flexibility
  • 2.6 amp induction motor for a smooth and quiet performance
  • 0.5 inch chuck handles for handling large bits


  • More expensive than some of its competitors
  • Best for low precision work


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