5 Best Fire Extinguishers For Garage Safety [Be Prepared]

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Do yourself a favor and invest in any one of the five best fire extinguishers for garage safety we reviewed (for 2024) and you'll rest easy knowing it's there even though we hope you never need it.

Top 5 Garage Fire Extinguishers

Kidde 466141 Kitchen/Garage Fire Extinguisher
H3R Performance Fire Extinguisher
First Alert Garage/Workshop Extinguisher
Amerex ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
Buckeye Multi-Purpose Hand Held Extinguisher

1. Kidde 466141 Kitchen/Garage Fire Extinguisher

This fire extinguisher from Kidde has been designed especially for use in kitchens and in garages and features a simple to read gauge which informs the user that the extinguisher is fully charged and can be used immediately.

It also comes with a clear instruction label that features graphics that show all the necessary to steps to operate the extinguisher.

This extinguisher’s lever, handle and valve are all made from impact resistant tough metal for a long lifespan and extra ruggedness.

It also comes complete with a UL approved wall hook for easy mounting in your chosen location.

This extinguisher is suitable to be used on liquids, gases and electrical equipment and it features an easy pull safety pin for quick operation.

The handle has been designed to be impact and rust resistant for extra durability and the unit contains 2.9 lbs of fire extinguishing agent which is enough to tackle a fire in your domestic garage.


  • Handle, lever and valve are made from tough and impact resistant metal for extra durability
  • Easy to read gauge to show at a glance that the unit is fully charged
  • Comes complete with UL approved wall mounting hook


  • The bracket is quite tight for the mount
  • Quite small so may only withstand a single use

2. H3R Performance Fire Extinguisher

The H3R Performance MX100R fire extinguisher has been specifically designed to put out automobile and garage fires due to leaking fluids, faulty fuel delivery systems and short circuiting.

This extinguisher has been designed to operate rapidly in the event of an emergency and can be mounted with the inclusive aviation brackets securely to the garage wall for convenient locating.

The compact dimensions of this unit mean that it will easily fit into any location, and it can even fit conveniently into your vehicle under the dash or under the front seat.

Its bright red finish will never fade, unlike anodized units.

This extinguisher contains a dry chemical made from a siliconized sodium bicarbonate base together with non-caking and free flowing additives in order to effectively smother all fires triggered by electrical faults or flammable liquids.


  • Comes complete with aviation brackets for convenient wall mounting
  • Compact dimensions allow for this device to fit into even small spaces with ease
  • Fire engine red finish will not fade unlike anodized units


  • Extinguisher is quite small

3. First Alert Garage/Workshop Extinguisher

This convenient and effective fire extinguisher from First Alert has the added benefit of being fully rechargeable for extra value for money once it has been discharged.

Featuring a strong metal head, this is a strong and durable piece of equipment that is designed to withstand the rigors of a garage environment.

Also it features a metal color coded gauge that not only shows that the unit is fully charged at a glance but which is also resistant to corrosion.

The easy to use metal pull makes this extinguisher simple and quick to use in an emergency and thanks to its safety seal there can be no chance of accidental discharge.

This model also comes complete with a safety mount to allow for easy and convenient wall mounting and it is suitable for all kinds of home workshop and garage use, although it can also be used around the home for electrical, gasoline or oil fires.

Its label is not only waterproof but also resistant to chemicals and it gives clear four step instructions to explain operation.


  • Comes complete with safety wall mount and strap
  • Strong metal head for robustness and durability
  • Features a safety seal to protect against accidental discharge


  • Can be difficult to find somewhere to recharge this product

4. Amerex ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

This dry chemical extinguisher from Amerex can be used on a wide range of fires involving ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids or live electrical equipment.

This makes it ideal for use in any domestic garage.

With its ten second discharge time, it is quick and easy to use in the event of an emergency while its aluminum valve and all metal construction makes it strong and durable enough to withstand the rigors of the garage environment.

This unit comes complete with a wall bracket allowing for convenient mounting in the garage.

The Amerex garage fire extinguisher is also refillable, meaning that it represents even better value for money as it can be used again even after being discharged.


  • A refillable fire extinguisher for better value for money
  • Aluminum valve construction for extra strength and durability
  • Comes complete with a bracket for convenient wall mounting


  • Does not come with a wraparound mount but only a U shaped one
  • More expensive than many of its rivals

5. Buckeye Multi-Purpose Hand Held Extinguisher

This dry chemical multipurpose fire extinguisher from Buckeye is ideal for use on all fires involving flammable liquids, ordinary combustibles or live electrical equipment and so is perfect for installing in a domestic garage.

This unit features an anodized aluminum valve assembly for extra strength and resistance to corrosion while its color coded gauge shows the user its operating status at just a single glance for extra convenience.

Measuring just 3 3/8″ in diameter by 14 3/4″ in height, this unit has compact enough dimensions to fit easily into any space and its nameplate features bilingual instructions for maintenance and operation.

This unit contains 2.5 pounds of extinguishing agent – enough to put out a garage fire easily, and its 9 second discharge time is fast enough to guarantee the user’s safety.

Its discharge range extends up to 15 feet and it has been approved by the USCG.

This is the ideal product to keep in your home garage to protect against accidental fires, however as it also comes with a vehicle mount, it can also be installed in your vehicle for protection against car fires on the road.


  • Has a discharge distance of up to 15 feet for better user protection
  • Features an anodized aluminum valve assembly for extra corrosion resistance and added strength
  • Comes complete with bilingual operation and maintenance instructions


  • Cannot be used on any sensitive electronic equipment


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