5 Best Routers for Router Table Mounting [2024 Reviews]

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Here's our selection of the five best routers for table mounting in a range of different price points but all versatile to meet the needs of the modern woodworker!

Top 5 Routers for Table Mounting

Bosch 1617EVSPK Variable Speed Router Kit
Porter-Cable 892 Router
Dewalt DW616 1 3/4 HP Fixed Based Router
SKIL 1871 120v Fixed Base Router
Hitachi KM12VC Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit

1. Bosch 1617EVSPK Variable Speed Router Kit

This high quality wood router from Bosch comes as a complete kit with a variable speed plunge and a fixed base.

Operating at 2 1/4 HP, this powerful machine offers variable speeds from 8000 to 250000 RPM and is made from strong yet lightweight aluminum for extra durability and robustness.

It also features wooden handles on a fixed base for easy handling as a well as a soft grip handle on the plunge base for better user comfort and control.

This model also boasts a handy soft start feature for a better controlled start up, and is capable of maintaining a constant speed, even under load.

Its quick clamp system is convenient and easy to use while the system allows for adjustment of the bit height from above the router table for extra convenience for the user.

Thanks to the precision centering it is easy to keep the bit on the intended cut-line when using guidance devices while the fixed base features threaded holes to allow for easy mounting to the router table.

This is an ideal device for handling a wide range of routing applications and thanks to its many advanced features, you can be sure of getting the task done rapidly and accurately.


  • Comes complete with a rugged carrying case to ensure no components get lost
  • Dust sealed power switch for increased durability
  • Quick clamp systems for tool free conversions


  • Two wrenches are required to change the bits
  • Difficult to switch motor from one base to another

2. Porter-Cable 892 Router

With its soft starting 12 amp motor, this wood router from Porter Cable has full time electronic feedback which is capable of maintaining a constant motor speed even during the toughest of routing applications.

This model boasts a variable speed control feature from 10,000 to 23,000 RPM and this allows the bit speed to be optimised for a variety of applications.

Thanks to the dual position switch, the user is able to cut the power while maintaining complete control of the router and the over-molded grips ensure better user comfort even when using the tool for extended periods.

Benefiting from a spindle lock feature, it is possible to change the bit with just a single wrench for extra convenience while the user can also change the depth of their cut from above the router table.

This lightweight router weighs just 9 lbs, making it easy to move between tasks.

The Porter-Cable router is also effectively protected by a three year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle at just 9 lbs
  • Spindle lock feature for quick and easy bit changes
  • Dual position switch for better user control


  • Awkwardly located safety mechanism
  • Produces a lot of dust

3. Dewalt DW616 1 3/4 HP Fixed Based Router

This fixed base router from popular brand DeWalt features a 1 3/4 HP 11 amp motor which offers enough power to rout smoothly through even the toughest of hardwoods.

Its microfine depth adjustment ring offers accurate depth adjustments in increments of 1/64 of an inch.

The tool-free adjustable motor cam lock is made from strong steel and makes base changes and depth adjustment solid locking and rapid.

Thanks to the quick release motor latches, it is easy and quick to remove the motor pack to carry out base and bit changes. There's also an inclusive sub-base concentricity gauge to ensure even better accuracy.

The power switch is dust sealed for a longer lifespan while the motor housing has been nickel plated for a long lasting and smooth depth adjustment.

The Dewalt DW616 features rubber over-molded handles as well as a well balanced body so the user can enjoy comfortable working for extended periods.

It's protected by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.


  • Microfine depth adjustment ring for precise adjustments
  • Inclusive sub-base concentricity gauge for better accuracy
  • Rubber over-molded handles and well balanced body for better user comfort


  • The wide base and low-sitting position makes it more difficult to see the wood at tip impact
  • Two wrenches are required to change the bit

4. SKIL 1871 120v Fixed Base Router

This fixed base router from Skil offers soft start technology to ensure smooth start ups together with a longer motor life.

It also boasts a half inch collet capacity for use in larger profile applications as well as the facility for micro-fine depth adjustments for better precision.

The dual position on/off switch ensures optimal user convenience together with better user control while the quick release button allows for easier motor removal and adjustments.

This is an ideal tool for forming edges, rounding and cutting wood patterns and it also features soft grip handles for better user comfort as well as an LED light for better visibility during use.

With its convenient 1/2 inch collect capacity, this is a lightweight tool that weighs just 7.2 lbs for better portability.


  • Soft start technology for smoother start ups and longer motor life
  • Micro fine depth adjustments for better precision
  • LED light for better visibility


  • Adjustment knob is quite small and fiddly to use
  • No plunge capability

5. Hitachi KM12VC Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit

This router kit from Hitachi operates on an 11 Amp motor for more precise and controlled cuts.

With its two stage motor release clamp, it offers accurate and rapid base changes and depth adjustments while its electronic speed control ensures a constant level of RPMs are maintained even when the load varies.

The Hitachi router is great for use in noise sensitive spaces since it operates quietly at just 79.5 dB.

This machine is ideal for a wide range of applications including chamfering, fine groove cutting, shaping, trimming, pattern cutting and window cutting.

With its ergonomic design it is a perfect choice for any workshop and its handles offer excellent user control and comfort even when used for long periods.

It's also lightweight weighing just 7.3 lbs for the fixed based and 9.9 lbs for the plunge base for excellent portability.

It also comes with its own inclusive protective case and is protected by a manufacturer’s 5 year warranty for peace of mind.


  • 2 stage motor release clamp for fast and accurate base changes and depth adjustments
  • Quiet operation at just 79.5 dB
  • Ergonomically designed handles for better comfort and control during use


  • Switch is poorly located
  • Plunge base tends to stick


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