5 of the Best Shop Vacs for Drywall Dust Collection in 2024

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Sanding drywall is a messy job that needs cleaned up properly. Choose any one of these 5 best shop vacs for drywall dust collection and say goodbye to the fine dust that gets left behind after your job is complete...

Top 5 Shop Vacs for Drywall Dust Collection

Shop-Vac 5.0 HP Right Stuff Drywall Vac
Karcher WD5 Multi-Purpose Wet Dry Vac
Dustless Technologies 16006 HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum
Shop-Vac 6.5 HP 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum
Makita VC4710 12 Gallon Wet-Dry Vac

1. Shop-Vac 5.0 HP Right Stuff Drywall Vac

If you are looking for a shop vac that picks up drywall dust effectively, this model from Shop-Vac fits the bill.

Its CleanStream filtration system traps extremely fine particles that are often missed by other filters while its 12 foot long hose allows it to be used even in hard to reach locations.

This model operates quietly and so is ideal for use in noise sensitive locations, while its on board accessory storage makes carrying tools and accessories from job to job a breeze while ensuring that nothing gets lost during transportation or storage.

This is a wet/dry type vacuum which means that it is suitable for a range of applications and it also comes complete with a number of handy accessories including a LockOn hose, extension wands, wet/dry floor nozzle, a crevice tool, a claw utility nozzle, disposable filter bags and cartridge filter with retainer and foam sleeve.

The 18 foot power cord is long enough to use at a distance from a power outlet while the in-built tank drain, side tank handles and top carrying handle make transporting this unit a breeze.

The accessory storage basket also features castors for ease of movement as well as a convenient on board cord wrap and a rear blower port for extra flexibility of use.

This product is also protected by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 12 foot hose allows for use in hard to reach locations
  • Castors and carrying handles for easy transportation
  • Quiet operation for use in noise sensitive areas


  • Water filter must be purchased separately
  • On/Off switch can be tricky to operate

2. Karcher WD5 Multi-Purpose Wet Dry Vac

This wet dry vacuum cleaner from Karcher is ideal for cleaning up drywall dust and comes complete with a hose, crevice tool, extension wand, floor nozzle, hand grip nozzle, fleece bag and pleated filter for extra value for money.

Powered by a strong 1800 watt motor, this model features a top mounted filter which does not require removal for wet cleaning.

The filter can also be accessed with ease without recirculating any dust.

This versatile unit can also be used as a blower to remove debris and leaves from driveways and patios and it is quick and easy to switch between dry and wet clean up functions.

The hose measures 7.2 feet and has superior suction as well as a smooth interior to prevent clogging.

This model also features accessory storage on board for more convenient access and ease of transportation.

With its semi-automatic filter cleaning system, cleaning the filter and prolonging its lifespan is a breeze while the motor can deliver an air flow of 76 CFM for super fast cleaning.


  • Easy access filter with semi-automatic cleaning system
  • 1800 Watt motor delivers impressive air flow of 76 CFM
  • Quick and easy to switch between wet and dry cleaning functions


  • No replaceable fuse
  • Expensive to replace dust collection bags

3. Dustless Technologies 16006 HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum

This fully certified HEPA vacuum is rated at .3 microns of filtration, so you can be sure that it will do an excellent job of cleaning up drywall dust, concrete, asbestos and lead paint.

It is easy to switch between wet and dry cleaning jobs without any need to change filters and this model guarantees complete containment with no blowing of dust for quicker and safer clean ups.

Thanks to the interior baffle wall, filters are protected from overfilling and from getting wet, and the filter cover itself can be washed in a washing machine for extra practicality.

This vacuum is ideal for professional contractors and represents a cost effective way to control jobsite dust while complying with EPA Lead-Safe regulations.

As this model only produces 81 decibels of noise, it is ideal for use in noise sensitive areas while its powerful motor can lift 76.9 inches of water at 126 CFM.

With its large 16 gallon canister it can hold up to 40lbs for debris and dust for less downtime.


  • Fully certified HEPA vacuum
  • Complies with EPA Lead-Safe regulations
  • Quiet operation


  • Plastic clips on the lid are quite flimsy
  • Filter replacements are expensive

4. Shop-Vac 6.5 HP 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

This wet/dry vacuum from Shop-Vac is made in the USA and has a number of impressive features that make it ideal for cleaning up drywall dust.

Its rear blower port also means that it can form a double function as a blower for debris and leaves in the yard.

With on board accessory storage, it couldn’t be easier to transport this unit and all of its accessories around your workshop and then to store it away after use without worrying about losing any of the bits and pieces.

Also the convenient on board cord wrap helps to keep everything neat and tidy.

This model is protected by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind and is ideal for all kinds of jobsite clean up tasks, especially as it can be quickly and easily switched between wet and dry clean ups.

With its compact dimensions, top carrying handle and removable dolly, this is a very portable unit and is ideal for use by both professionals and homeowners.


  • Rear blower port for extra versatility
  • Can be used for both wet and dry applications
  • Top carrying handle and removable dolly


  • Flimsy tool storage rack
  • Quite loud operation

5. Makita VC4710 12 Gallon Wet-Dry Vac

Made by the popular Makita brand, this wet/dry vacuum has a powerful 12 amp motor which can generate 135 CFM of suction power as well as 92 inches of water lift for the most heavy duty applications.

Its motor chamber has been made from sound absorbing high quality materials resulting in only 59 decibels of sound being produced, making this the ideal vacuum for use in noise sensitive locations.

Thanks to its lightweight components and efficient air ducting, this vacuum only weighs 27 pounds making it easy to transport from job to job.

The automatic filter cleaning system maintains excellent filter performance and prolongs the life of the filter while the wide set urethane rear wheels, when paired with the large steel caster front wheels give ease of movement and improved stability to this unit.

Thanks to the integrated hose brackets and cord reel, the user enjoys better convenience and the two Nano filters have been engineered to maximize volume and efficiency while still capture almost 100% of particles with a size of 2 microns or more.


  • Stable unit that is easy to move thanks to the front and rear wheels
  • Lightweight at just 27 pounds
  • Produces only 59 decibels of sound


  • Variable speed doesn’t always remain at the selected speed
  • Will not pick up bulky residue


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