Top 50 DIY Woodworking Websites and Blogs To Follow in 2024

If you’re a keen woodworker, you probably spend quite a lot of time researching your hobby to gain inspiration for new projects and to learn new techniques. One of the best ways to learn more about woodworking is to visit some of the best DIY woodworking websites and blogs on the internet.

These days, there are more than ever to choose from, offering all kinds of fascinating resources from interesting articles to practical advice, and from plans and suggestions for projects to reviews of the best woodworking tools to buy.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the top woodworking blogs to subscribe to, we have done the hard work for you and have researched some of the best blogs out there so that you can save time and effort when looking for inspiration.

Just a little note: The blogs and websites featured below are arranged in no particular order since all of them offer quality woodworking tips and advice.

50 Best DIY Woodworking Websites

Let’s dive right into the list of my favorite DIY woodworking websites and blogs.

1. Popular Woodworking Magazine

Popular Woodworking Magazine

Popular Woodworking Magazine has a highly subscribed blog that is the ultimate resource for any keen woodworker.

The magazine itself has a heritage of over 30 years of woodworking experience and offers commentary and advice from some of the best woodworkers in America, so it stands to reason that this magazine’s blog is the ideal place to get inspiration for your latest projects and plans.

Posting around 14 new posts a week, there is always something new in this blog to hold your interest.

2. Woodworker’s Journal

Woodworkers Journal

This blog is one of the leading woodworking authorities in the USA.

For more than 40 years the Woodworker’s Journal magazine has focused on highlighting the benefits of the latest woodworking materials, techniques, and tools, incorporating the most cutting edge innovations into exciting projects.

Their blog inspires, motivates, and informs readers to develop their woodworking skills even further and to try out new ideas in their spare time. With around 14 new posts every week, this prolific blog should be a woodworker’s top choice

3. FineWoodWorking

Fine Woodworking

If you’re looking for some expert assistance and advice on a host of woodworking topics including furniture making, this blog is a great resource.

It offers its readers plenty of articles that outline projects in step-by-step detail as well as a host of helpful how-to video tutorials, project plans, and photographic galleries.

There are also tool reviews to help you to choose the best items to add to your collection and interviews with experts in the field. Although there are only around new posts per week, they make fascinating reading.

4. Woodworking For Mere Mortals

Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Host Steve Ramsey heads up the most popular woodwork community blog on the web. This is a great place to really feel part of a group of like-minded people and to fully indulge in your favorite pastime.

In this blog, you can find all kinds of fascinating projects to try out as well as free woodwork plans and how-to videos to give you clear woodworking advice.

Even better, this blog allows you to showcase your own favorite projects. With around 6 new posts every week, this is one of the top resources for woodworkers online.

5. Ana White – Let’s Build Something

Ana White

This blog is aimed specifically at those who are keen to develop their furniture-making skills. If you’ve always wanted to be able to make furnishings that can rival those from retail stores but at a fraction of the cost, you’ve come to the right place with this internet resource.

Here you can find free plans which advise you on the best ways of building stylish yet simple wooden furniture with step-by-step instructions.

Learn how to make everything from bookshelves and desks to beds and tables. Although there is only around one post per week, these practical projects are sure to impress while saving you money.

6. Woodworkers Guild Of America

Woodworkers Guild of America

The WoodWorkers Guild Of America is the ideal blog to follow for anyone who sees their woodworking as more than just a hobby. A true lifestyle blog, this site aims to be every woodworker’s first to feed their passions for the art of woodwork through learning brand new techniques and by finding inspirational new ideas.

This blog allows woodworkers around the world to connect with each other and to be inspired. Releasing only around two posts per month, this quality blog may not be prolific but it is certainly interesting.

7. The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer

Whether you’re brand new to the art of woodworking or whether you are already experienced, The Wood Whisperer Blog is a great resource for learning new techniques.

Focusing on teaching the art of woodwork, this blog by Marc Spagnuolo has a unique and humorous approach with a very personal touch.

Releasing only around two posts per week, it definitely has something to offer, especially to those who are interested in pursuing this craft from the basic level.

8. Reddit – Woodworking: All Things Made From Trees

Reddit Woodworking

Whether you are a professional woodworker looking for more information about your chosen job or are just a dedicated hobbyist who loves the art of working with wood, this RSS feed is the perfect online resource for anything to do with woodwork. Whether you’re interested in making furniture or toys, you’ll find articles here to suit your preferences, and you can learn more about materials and tools in the helpful advice supplied. With a huge 168 new posts every week, you’ll always find something new and engaging here.

9. Woodcraft Blog

Woodcraft Blog

The Woodcraft Blog should be any woodworker’s first port of call if they are interested in finding out more about the best tools to pursue their career or hobby.

This complete resource brings woodworkers all of the facts and information that they need about more than 20,000 different woodworking tools from power tools and clamps to hand tools and fasteners.

Fulfilling every woodworker’s supply needs, the Woodcraft Blog helps you to make an informed purchasing decision. This blog has around one new post every week.

10. Woodworkers Source Blog

Woodworkers Source

Woodworkers Source is a domestic and exotic lumber supplier which has been in the industry since 1978. Their woodworking blog covers all kinds of fascinating topics of interest to either the professional or amateur woodworker, from tool reviews to guides on how to choose the right material for your chosen project. From helpful tutorials to project ideas and plans, this is a complete resource for anyone with a love of wood-crafting.

11. Woodworking Network – Cabinets

Woodworking Network

The Woodworking Network specializes in bringing fans of wood-crafting the latest news about custom wood products, the most up-to-date manufacturing news, and the most fascinating cabinetry projects to keep woodworkers inspired.

Keeping woodworking professionals and keen hobbyists abreast of all of the most cutting-edge trends in the woodworking community, the blog releases around three posts every week with a focus on the cabinetry industry.

12. Paul Sellers

Paul Sellers

As an expert in woodworking, Paul Sellers has launched his own woodworking blog which is designed to give both amateur and professionals alike a greater insight into the industry and practice of woodcraft.

As a teacher, hand tool woodworker, and the director of the New Legacy School of Woodworking, Paul is well placed to offer high-quality advice.

Posting snippets about hand tool instructions as well as more general posts about his lifestyle and the world at large, Paul has a loyal following who read his three posts weekly avidly.

13. FastCap


If you are looking for the best advice about the right woodworking products to choose from, FastCap is the blog for you. Dedicated to bringing its readers practical and helpful advice about the best woodworking products and tools, the FastCap blog aims to furnish fans of the woodwork with information about the latest innovative developments in the industry in its six posts per week.

14. THIS is Carpentry

This Is Carpentry

Although THISisCarpentry is not the most prolific blog out there, posting only on average around one new article per month, it is a fascinating and worthwhile resource for any amateur or professional woodworker.

As an interactive magazine that is dedicated to wood craftsmanship, THISisCarpentry supplies keen woodworkers with a wealth of interesting information and inspiring ideas, from reviews of the latest tools to suggestions for your next project.

15. Lost Art Press

Lost Art Press

If you love your woodworking to be seriously old school, the Lost Art Press blog is the one for you. Established a decade ago, the Midwestern publishing company seeks to assist modern woodworkers in developing the art of using traditional hand tools.

Aiming to restore interest in traditional hand skills techniques among the woodworking community, this interesting blog focuses on a more authentic approach to woodcraft. With around 11 posts every week, this blog makes a fascinating read.

16. Wood And Shop

Wood and Shop

Another great choice for woodworkers who favor the old, traditional ways, the Wood and Shop blog offers a host of invaluable resources for fans of old-school woodcraft.

There are no power tools in sight here, as this blog advertises itself as the Best Place for Traditional Woodworkers. Offering all kinds of inspiring and fascinating articles, lessons, and reviews relating to hand tools and authentic woodworking skills, the two articles published each month on this site make interesting reading.

17. The Renaissance Woodworker

The Renaissance Woodworker

This is yet another blog aimed at the hand tool enthusiast. Focusing on traditional woodworking skills with an aim to resurrect the dying arts of authentic woodwork, The Renaissance Woodworker blog offers educational resources that center around hand tool construction techniques.

Offering ideas for new old-school-style projects, this interesting blog may only produce four posts over the course of a month, but they make invaluable reading for anyone who is keen to develop their skills beyond the scope of modern power tools.

18. The English Woodworker

The English Woodworker

This blog is the ultimate resource for anyone who prefers to use traditional hand tools over the more modern electrically operated equivalents.

Bringing the art of woodcraft within easy reach of anyone, this site offers the chance for keen hobbyists to learn new skills through entertaining and detailed videos as well as offering more information about setting up hand tools, techniques to use them properly, and the basics of joinery skills.

19. The Unplugged Woodshop Toronto

The Unplugged Workshop

The Unplugged Woodshop Toronto blog is all about taking time out to slow down from the pace of modern life and learning to savor the possibilities of using hand tools for quality woodworking.

This blog offers woodworking amateurs handy instructions to help them to make the most of their hobby along with video tutorials, suggestions for new projects to try, and inspiring ideas.

With four new posts every week, those who are keen to try something new will appreciate this interesting read.

20. Woodwork City

Woodwork City

This blog really does do what it says on the tin. This is the perfect site for any keen woodworkers, whether professional or amateur, who are looking for an exciting new project to try. Offering complete woodworking plans completely free of charge, this inspirational resource has been operating online for over 10 years and is a favorite among fans of woodcraft from around the world. Expect around two posts monthly to keep you busy with a wealth of projects.

21. Woodworking Web

Woodworking Web

The ultimate blog for anyone who loves woodworking, the Woodworking Web site covers a range of aspects of your favorite hobby, including step-by-step accounts of projects, inspiring ideas to get you excited, and lifestyle pieces from a range of contributors with a focus on woodcraft techniques and skills.

Releasing around five new posts a week, this interesting resource helps woodworkers everywhere to feel part of a larger community.

22. 360 Woodworking

360 Wood Working

The 360 Woodworking website introduces a brand new concept in woodworking content, offering a wealth of resources and information that can help you to develop your woodworking skills and get more out of your hobby.

Offering fascinating articles covering the whole gamut of woodcraft topics as well as podcasts and woodworking plans to get you inspired, this brilliant site is a godsend for its members.

23. 3D Woodworking Plans

3D Woodworking Plans

Yes, this is another site that is pretty self-explanatory, however, it is definitely one of the best resources out there for amateur woodworkers.

3D Woodworking Plans gives you all of the instructions that you need to build an enormous range of items from bookcases to beds and from dice tumblers to bathroom cabinets.

There is something here for woodworkers of all levels of experience, and you’re sure to be inspired.

24. Stu’s Shed

Stu's Shed

Designed to help woodworkers avoid the frustrations of trial and error with the latest power tools, the Stu’s Shed blog aims to cover power tools and their best usage techniques in an easy-to-understand and accessible way.

While the focus is primarily on more modern equipment, there is the occasional article on hand tools, and you can enjoy reviews, videos, technological articles, and how-to guides to help you get your next woodworking project off the ground.

25. Matt Cremona

Matt Cremona's Woodworking Website

As a keen woodworker himself, Matt Cremona works full-time on creating blogging content for his site. Focusing on his own projects which he makes from self-harvested wood, he covers each project from start to finish, as well as providing fascinating insights into furniture design, rough lumber milling, stock selection, finishing, and assembly.

There are also videos about tool maintenance as well as advice, tips, and tricks from his own experience. Through his posts, he aims to make woodworking accessible to everyone.

26. Highland Woodworking Blog

Highland Woodworking Blog

The Highland Woodworking blog is designed to help keen woodworkers at all levels of experience get the information they need to get the most out of their projects. Offering handy tips and suggestions about the right tools to use to bring their woodwork plans to life, this blog is engaging and full of helpful hints.

Having been online since 1996, Highland Woodworking has been a pioneer of woodworking on the web, but over the last few years, they have become a major woodworking interface, connecting woodworkers from around the world.

27. The Basic Woodworking

The Basic Woodworking

This exciting website brings woodworkers old and new the latest and top online content related to carpentry and woodworking.

Offering numerous step-by-step woodworking plans and accessible projects designed for children and novices as well as interesting articles about woodwork in different cultures and reviews of cutting edge tools, this indispensable guide to everything woodwork related is packed with expert advice and helpful tips.

28. Fun With Woodworking

Fun With Woodworking

Bringing woodworking fans a lighthearted look at all things woodwork-related, this blog has been operating since 2012 and is the brainchild of Donald LeBlanc, a passionate woodworker with over 7 years of experience in woodcraft.

The aim of this blog is to bring woodworkers at all levels exciting projects. From beginners right up to the most advanced experts, this blog offers an engaging insight into the art of working with wood.

29. Close Grain

Close Grain

Operated by Steve Branam, this woodworking site embraces the art of woodcraft in the digital age.

Offering an introduction to working with hand tools, this blog doesn’t aim to be an expert guide, but it does aim to explore old-fashioned woodwork methods and present them in such a way that even beginners can follow and practice the basic skills.

30. Woodworking Fuel

Woodworking Fuel

This official website of Woodworking Fuel is run by Ed, a passionate woodworker who is on a mission to help other keen woodcrafters to learn, and to experience all of the excitement of working with wood.

This blog focuses on offering simple-to-understand information so that even complete beginners can get started on a simple project. By offering motivation and clarity, this site inspires and excites.

31. Heartwood


With over 3 decades of woodworking experience, Rob Porcaro has launched this site to showcase his work and to offer his technical expertise.

Well known in the woodworking industry, Rob is trusted as a skilled woodworker and offers a range of exciting ideas, tips, and information about techniques and materials

32. Follow Your Heart Woodworking

Follow Your Heart Woodworking

Woodworking told from a female point of view is the focus of this fascinating blog. Julie’s posts outline her latest projects, detailing them from start to finish, with most of them centering around home renovations, furniture, and accessories.

From practical items to decorative pieces, Follow Your Heart Woodworking is a one-woman workshop.

33. Woodworking4Dummies


This blog is brought to the woodworking community from Ottawa, Canada, and is the perfect place for woodworking hobbyists to come together to share their latest projects, offer helpful tips and advice, and even share their mistakes and disasters.

There are also handy DIY woodworking plans to offer inspiring suggestions for amateur woodworkers wherever they are from.

34. Journeyman’s Journal

Journeyman's Journal

Another blog with a focus on the art of hand woodworking, the Journeyman’s Journal takes amateur and professional woodworkers on a journey of discovery through the art of woodcraft.

This blog by Salko Safic shares his experiences as a craftsman and all of his trials and tribulations. He aims to offer a complete learning experience for woodworkers at all levels.

35. Dominic’s Woodworks (Now “Be Inspired”)

Dominic's Woodworks

Dominic aims to inspire his readers and to provide them with exciting new ideas in the field of the woodwork. His site is designed to encourage even amateur woodworkers to go straight to their workshop and to get out their tools ready for work.

His basic projects are accessible for even newbies to the art of woodcraft and his guides to basic tools help to get amateurs started on their first project.

36. The Joy Of Wood

The Joy of Wood

For anyone who is a keen woodworker, there can be nothing more joyful than wood, and this blog celebrates this natural material in all its forms. Run by Australian Greg Millar, this blog may be sporadic, but it is fascinating.

As someone who specializes in running workshops on woodcraft for the public, Greg’s posts outline his latest projects and offer inspirational ideas.

37. The Wood Dad

The Wood Daddy

The Wood Daddy blog is run by Richard Fearon, a self-confessed woodworker, and at-home dad. His site is full of interesting woodwork videos and podcasts, and his posts cover a host of fascinating DIY and woodwork topics from simple projects like building accessories for the home to constructing furniture.

38. DCW Woodworks

DCW Woodworks

The DCW Woodworks site is all about the owner’s furniture making and woodworking endeavors, together with fascinating musings about both traditional hand tools and modern methods of woodcraft.

The author also explores developments in the woodworking community and aims to inspire others to become a craftsman.

39. NorthCoast Community Woodshop

NorthCoast Community Woodshop

The aim of the NorthCoast Community Woodshop blog is to promote the art of woodwork in the community.

Offering real-world classes, workshops, and demonstrations, this blog educates the community on safe tool use, how to use specific techniques and how to maintain woodworking equipment properly.


This blog is the home of a host of inspiring woodworking plans, all available free of charge for the keen woodworker.

Offering plans which are simple to follow, even for those who are relatively new to the art of woodcraft, this blog shows its followers how to make a range of exciting projects for the home and garden.

41. The Carpentry Way

The Carpentry Way

This blog focuses on the art of building and designing structures from solid wood, without the use of any metal fasteners or glue.

Featuring exciting and beautifully crafted projects for every room of the home, the owner of this blog is especially fascinated by Japanese woodwork and offers a host of inspirational Japanese-themed ideas.

42. Make Something

Make Something TV

One of the best blogs for beginners, Make Something TV is ideal for woodworkers at all levels of experience and ability.

Run by David Picciuto, this blog is full of tips and tutorials that have already reached a large audience, and whether you’re looking for handy hints or an educational experience you will find something to learn here.

43. Woodworkers Association

Modern Woodworkers Association

A complete forum for woodworkers everywhere who are keen to share advice and tips and to pick up new knowledge and hints.

As an open forum, this is a great place to meet and share with like-minded individuals and there are also podcasts and videos to keep you informed and to teach you more about the latest developments in woodcraft.

44. David J. Marks

David J Marks DIY Woodworking Website

As the host of the one-time TV show Woodworks, David J Marks has plenty of experience in the woodworking field, so as you might expect, his blog features plenty of techniques and tips to help his readers get more out of the woodworking experience. He also offers tutorials that can prove useful for both novice and experienced woodcrafters.

45. The Penultimate Wood Shop

The Penultimate Wood Shop

Run by Dyami Plotke, this blog is operated by one of the Modern Woodworkers Association members.

This blog shares a host of helpful videos and tutorials on a wide range of woodworking subjects to inspire and inform woodcrafters at all levels.

46. Matt’s Basement Workshop

Matt's Basement Workshop

Not only is Matt’s Basement Workshop a blog, but it is also a podcast which is operated by Matt Vanderlist.

Matt is a talented woodcrafter who shares plenty of information with his readers about how to improve their woodworking skills and how to get the most out of their woodcrafting experience. There is plenty to learn from this fascinating resource.

47. Design Matters

Design Matters

Anyone who has ever enjoyed George Walker’s column in Popular Woodworking Magazine is sure to enjoy this blog which offers a broader viewpoint in the information from this column.

Providing plenty of information about all aspects of woodworking, this site offers tutorials, tips, and videos that can boost the reader’s woodworking skills. There is no better way to learn than through this site.

48. Dorset Custom Furniture

Dorset Custom Furniture

If you need inspiration for a new and exciting woodwork project, this blog is the one for you. The company which operates this blog has been in the industry for more than 3 decades, making high-quality furnishings.

Simply looking at this blog will give you some great ideas about projects that you can try yourself and, even better, you will learn skills from experts in the industry.

49. Flair Woodworks

Flair Woodworks

This blog, created by creative woodworker Chris Wong, shares ideas and tips together with many interesting projects which can give you some fantastic ideas for projects of your own.

You’ll enjoy looking at his beautiful creations and they’re sure to give you plenty of inspiration for how you can create something impressive of your own.

50. Garage Woodworks

Garage Woodworks

Garage Woodworks is ideal for anyone who enjoy woodcraft in the comfort of their own garage or workshop and who wants to try new skills.

Brian, who runs this blog, shares his inspiration projects in the form of videos from his own garage. His tutorials give step-by-step instructions that will enable you to make incredible pieces of your own.

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