5 Best ATV Winches for Snow Plowing [Top Picks for 2024]

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Snow removal is fun when you have the right tools. Make sure you buy one of these five best ATV winches for snow plowing we reviewed for you to get the task done without breaking a sweat!

Top 5 Snow Plowing ATV Winches

Warn 90251 ProVantage 2500-S Winch
Superwinch Terra 45
Champion Power Equipment 10000 lb Winch
Superwinch LT3000ATV Winch
Warn Vantage 4000-S

1. Warn 90251 ProVantage 2500-S Winch

If you are looking for a quality ATV winch to use for snow plowing, the Warn 90251 ProVantage 2500-S is ideal.

One of the top pulling machines on the market, this model is extremely durable and features strong 3 stage planetary gear trains for maximum efficiency of power.

With its easy to operate clutch controls, this winch has been made from the most durable materials so that it can be used in any kind of weather.

As well as its resistance to the elements, this winch is also resistant to corrosion thanks to its black finish coating, and it also features a large diameter winch drum which cuts down on excessive rope wear and tear.

This model has been fully sealed to offer extra protection from inclement weather and also features a mini rocket control switch and a plug for a corded remote, although this must be purchased separately.


  • Strong 3 stage planetary gear trains for maximum power efficiency
  • Weather and corrosion resistant thanks to sealing and black finish coating
  • Easy to operate clutch controls for simple usage


  • Not suitable for the deepest snow compared to others
  • Quite expensive compared to similar rated models

2. Superwinch Terra 45

This popular and high quality winch has one of the highest pull ratings for an ATV winch with a rating of 4500 pounds.

This makes it ideal for use in even the deepest snow.

It also features three stage planetary gears which allow for maximum power efficiency.

Also it features oil pocket bronze bearings as well as a 1.6 HP low amp draw ensure to ensure that plowing the snow is quick and easy.

Coming equipped with 55 feet of 1/4″ durable synthetic rope, this winch ensures a smooth plowing experience.

All of the materials used in the construction of the Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 are of the highest quality and are resistant to both the elements and corrosion for a long useful lifespan.

Its drum has specifically been designed to be used with the synthetic rope and it also features a free spooling clutch with ergonomic cam action for ease of use.


  • 3 stage planetary gears for maximum power efficiency
  • Resistant to corrosion and inclement weather for a long lifespan
  • Specifically designed drum with a free spooling clutch and ergonomic cam action


  • Battery cables are quite short to connect to the solenoid
  • Line speed is slightly slower than some other models

3. Champion Power Equipment 10000 lb Winch

If you are looking for an extremely powerful ATV winch for snow plowing, this model from Chanmpion Power Equipment is sure to fit the bill with its 10000 pound rating.

The optimized braking system and planetary gears serve to make this an extremely effective tool for clearing even the deepest snow from your driveway thanks to their coupling with a 216:1 gear ratio and a 3.6 HP motor.

This winch also comes with 85 feet of heavy duty galvanized aircraft cable which is sure to be efficient and strong.

All of the materials used in this winch’s construction are of the highest possible quality and they are resistant to inclement weather as well as corrosion so that it can withstand many years of use.

This winch is also effectively protected by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for the purchaser’s complete peace of mind.


  • 10,000 pound rating for use on even the toughest pulling tasks
  • Optimized braking system and planetary gears for effective clearing of deep snow
  • Comes complete with 85 feet of super duty galvanized aircraft cable for extra pulling strength


  • Cannot be used with every type of ATV
  • Very heavy when compared with rival winches

4. Superwinch LT3000ATV Winch

If you are looking for a cost effective yet high quality winch for your ATV for snow plowing, this model from Superwinch comes highly recommended.

Less costly than several other winches, it still has a rating of 3000 pounds, which is enough to effectively remove most snow from driveways.

Made from high quality and durable materials, this rugged winch has been effectively sealed for protection against the elements and dust so that it can enjoy a long lifespan and operate constantly at a high rate of efficiency.

This winch has a full metal three stage planetary gear train as well as 50 feet of 3/16″ wire rope that is strong and durable for efficient pulling.

The clutch features an ergonomically designed handle which enables the user to operate this winch with ease.

It also comes complete with a handlebar mounted rocker switch as well as a handheld remote for convenient usage.


  • 3000 pound rating
  • Sealed for protection from dust and the elements for a long lifespan
  • Ergonomically designed handle for more comfortable operation


  • Comes with vague instructions
  • Would be better if it came with synthetic rope

5. Warn Vantage 4000-S

Need for a functional winch for snow plowing? Then the Warn 89041 Vantage 4000-S is your choice.

Similar in function to the Warn 90251 ProVantage 2500-S, this model offers an upgraded experience with a rating of 4000 pounds for stronger pulling power and more effective deep snow removal.

Coming complete with 50 feet of synthetic rope for effective and strong pulling, this winch also has a black powder coated hawse fairlead and an inclusive fairlead plate.

Its drive train and motor have been fully sealed for extra protection against the elements and corrosion while this winch’s 3 stage planetary gear train ensures a more efficient, smooth operation.

The mechanical spring brake allows extra control throughout winching while the inclusive mini rocker switch which is handlebar mounted and the corded remote control allow for ease of use.

Solid, yet lightweight, this well designed winch is dependable and yet cost effective, representing impressive value for money and with its rugged exterior styling it is as attractive as it is effective.


  • 4000 pounds rating for efficient pulling in even deep snow
  • Fully sealed motor and drive train for a more smooth and efficient operation
  • A mechanical spring brake allowing for better user control during winching


  • Stock wires can be too short
  • Harder to install than many other models


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