What’s the Best Car Trailer Winch? [5 Top Picks Reviewed]

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Load your vehicle with ease from now on! We researched the best car trailer winch so you wouldn't have to and narrowed it down to these five great choices...

Top 5 Car Trailer Winches

Yescom 8000 lb Trailer Winch and Remote
Superwinch UT3000 Winch (12ft Remote)
Superwinch 5,000 Pound Car Trailer Winch with 30 foot Remote
Master Lick 12 Volt Portable Winch
ABN Heavy Duty Hand Winch

1. Yescom 8000 lb Trailer Winch and Remote

This efficient three stage electric winch is incredibly powerful and offers impressive horsepower for all of your pulling jobs.

Thanks to the four way roller fairlead, the rope is guided evenly onto the drum for more efficient use while the free spooling clutch ensures that the wire rope can be pulled out without the need to use any electric power.

All connectors feature extra protective casings, ensuring better user safety as well as lower wear out.

This model also features automatic braking, in which the drum locks the wire rope to stop pulling whenever the button on the handheld corded remote switch is released.

This electric winch is packed with many excellent features including custom gaskets which seal up all of the inner workings of the winch from infiltration by debris and water, ensuring a long useful lifespan.


  • Automatic braking for extra user safety
  • Custom gaskets to protect inner components from damage
  • Four way roller fairlead for more even guiding of the rope onto the drum


  • Quite loud operation
  • Can be difficult to spool back in correctly

2. Superwinch UT3000 Winch (12ft Remote)

Featuring a rubber handheld remote with a 12 foot cord for even better user safety, this electric winch from Superwinch features a 1.2 horsepower motor and has a pull rating of 3000 pounds, giving it excellent versatility of use.

It features a full metal differential planetary gear trail as well as a pull and turn freespooling clutch, dynamic braking and a gear ratio of 153:1.

This model features circuit breaker protection as well as a weather sealed solenoid, ensuring a long lifespan and effective protection from any accidental environmental related damage.

It features a standard four way roller fairlead as well as a removable clevis pinned latched hook with a rope thimble and mounting plate.

This winch can either be permanently mounted or used as a portable item, and its forty foot wire rope ensures that it is suitable for almost any use.

Powered by a car battery or auxiliary 12 V battery, it boasts bi-directional dynamic braking for reduced chance of rope slippage should the power surge or fail for even better user protection.


  • Bi-directional dynamic braking for reduced chance of rope slippage
  • Weather sealed solenoid for protection against environmental damage
  • Pull rating of 3000 pounds


  • Occasionally does not spool evenly
  • The case for the controls is poor quality

3. Superwinch 5,000 Pound Car Trailer Winch with 30 foot Remote

This impressive trailer winch from Superwinch has been designed to be quick and simple to install making it a perfect choice for all trailer winching needs.

The most popular trailer winch on the market today, this model features a powerful motor together with full metal gears, a rugged 30′ handheld remote and an integrated sealed submersible solenoid for use in all weathers.

Pre-mounted and sealed, this winch is effectively protected from the corrosive nature of the elements for a longer lifespan.

Its freespool clutch has been designed to allow for fast wire rope payout, and it is easily operated via a lever knob which disengages the gearbox enabling the wire rope to be pulled with no need for electrical power.

This model also offers an instant stop, dynamic and mechanical braking, a roller fairlead and a 50′ x 1/4″ galvanized cable.

You will sleep easy knowing Superwinch stands by their product with a Lifetime Guarantee.


  • Sealed solenoid for longer lifespan and resistance to corrosion
  • 30 foot handheld remote for extra safety
  • Instant stop design


  • Cover holding design is not ideal
  • Rope does not always wind back onto the spool correctly

4. Master Lick 12 Volt Portable Winch

Convenient and easy to use, this portable winch can be easily moved between your vehicles and trailers as it can be mounted to any flat surface or hitch in order to haul in the trailer.

Thanks to the parallel shaft gear, there is adequate power for rolling vehicles and wheeled trailers that weigh up to 6000 pounds.

It features an automatic shutdown system in the event of an accidental overload it is very safe for the user.

This model comes with a toggle remote control for increased user safety which allows for operation at a safe distance while the 20 foot cable is of a sufficient length to ensure flexibility of use.

This 12 volt winch has a powerful rack and pinion gear design and even features a convenient carrying handle built into its design for extra portability.

Thanks to its compact dimensions it is easy to store between uses or to take anywhere.


  • Carrying handle and compact dimensions for increased portability
  • Toggle remote control for better user safety
  • Can be mounted to any hitch or flat surface for greater versatility


  • Not as fast as some other winches
  • Can be noisy

5. ABN Heavy Duty Hand Winch

This heavy duty crank heavy duty crank gear winch is ideal for use with trailers, boats and ATVs.

With its 2500 pound cranking capacity, it features both 4:1 and 9:8:1 gear ratios.

Resistant to wear, this model features gears that are made from the highest quality carbon steel together with a zinc plated finish which is highly resistant to corrosion even over long periods of time, ensuring a long useful lifespan.

This winch also boasts a comfort grip handle to ensure better user control, comfort and a tighter grip during cranking.

Offering both forward and reverse ratcheting, this winch has a single speed gear which offers an easy to use one way crank.

Perfect for lifting all kinds of heavy equipment, this winch will stand up to all kinds of rugged wear and tear.


  • Offers both forward and reverse ratcheting
  • Zinc plated finish for extra resistance to corrosion
  • 2500 pound cranking capacity


  • Spring is quite weak and does not always fall back into place on reverse
  • Best for lighter weight applications


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