5 Best MIG Welders For Auto Body Work [June 2024 Reviews]

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Your search for the best mig welders for auto body work ends here so check out the top choices we found for you.

Performance and versatility is what you need in your garage and any of these will help take your project to the next level....

Top 5 Mig Welders for Auto Body Work

Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder
Forney 324 Multi-Process Welder
Longevity Migweld 140
Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
Drico MIG-150D Multi-Function Welding Machine

1. Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder

This welder from Hobart is MIG reader and welds from 24 gauge to 1/4 inch mild steel. Operating from a standard 115 volt household current, this is an ideal unit for use in domestic garages or professional auto body shops.

Operating between 25 and 140 amps, it features an industrial cast aluminum drive system and has been constructed to high levels of durability and quality.

Lightweight and portable, it is also easy to transport so it can be used in any location as required.

Offering excellent arc performance, this unit is also backed up by the manufacturer’s Industrial Warranty for the purchaser’s peace of mind.

Versatile enough to use for a range of applications, this unit is deal for auto body work as well as for use in household repair projects and for heavier farm projects.

Its 5 position tapped voltage control selector allows the user to control the arc for a smoother stability on all material thicknesses while still being simple to set up and use, even for novice welders.


  • Industrial cast aluminum drive system for extra durability
  • Operates on a standard 115 volt household circuit for convenience
  • 5 position tapped voltage control selector for better user control


  • Leads are very short
  • Bottom of unit not precisely flat and can wobble on a flat surface

2. Forney 324 Multi-Process Welder

This three in one welding machine allows the user to choose between MIG welding, Flux Cored welding, stick welding and TIG welding, and comes complete with a gas hose and flowmeter as well as the set up for Stick and MIG welding.

This multi-process unit can be operated at 120 volts or 220 volts for extra flexibility of use and produces a maximum output of 190 amps.

Ideal for all kinds of applications, this versatile unit can easily handle all kinds of repair and maintenance from light industrial usage to boat repair, general fabrication and auto body work.

Some of its features including its spool gun capability, its longer gun/torch, extra long power cord and HD cast aluminum feed and drive system.

Weighing only 43 pounds, this is one of the more lightweight MIG welding units that can be transported easily when required.

It also comes complete with a simple to understand start up guide to get you up and running as soon as possible.

The entire unit is protected by an effective Advanced Replacement Warranty which gives 5 years of parts and labor cover on all components and parts.


  • A multi-process unit which can perform several types of welding
  • Spool gun capability and a longer gun/torch
  • Lightweight and portable unit


  • Runs hotter than some other models
  • Cable converter wire feed is quite flimsy

3. Longevity Migweld 140

Operating from a standard 110 volt household power outlet and coming with a power plug already installed, this MIG welder from Longevity is very powerful and can weld up to 3/8″ mild steel.

Sharing the same consumables as can be easily found in local stores, this unit is convenient to use as well as being user friendly and easy to operate.

It comes complete with wire for a quick start to welding straight out of the box.

This versatile unit can be used for either gas or flux core gasless welding for extra flexibility and as it is extremely portable it can simply be plugged in and used anywhere.

It is an ideal unit for auto body welding as well as other applications around the home and workshop.

Capable of welding aluminum with the optional spool gun, it can hold up to an 11 pound spool for laying down a high quality weld anywhere either with or without gas.

Offering an industrial level of performance, this unit is simple enough to use for even those who are brand new to welding.


  • Can weld aluminum and exotic metals with the optional spool gun
  • Operates from a standard 110 volt household power outlet
  • Portable unit can be simply plugged in and used anywhere


  • Heavier and bulkier than some other models
  • Regulator hose is quite short

4. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

This handy electric portable MIG welder from Lincoln is lightweight and compact making it the perfect choice for automotive projects as well as hobby projects and home repairs using light gauge mild steel.

Operating at 70 amps, this model has a clamp cable length of 8 feet as well as an 8 foot power cord.

With its adjustable wire feed speed control, this unit can weld up to 1/8″ mild steel and operates from a standard 115 volt household power circuit for extra convenience and compatibility.

Thanks to its cold contactor safety feature, the welding wire remains electrically cold until the user presses the gun trigger for better user safety.

This model comes complete with its cable assembly, a work cable with clamp, a gasless nozzle for carrying out flux cored welding, a gas regulator, gas nozzle, hose for MIG welding, a 1 pound spool of 0.035″ flux cored wire, 2 pound pool of 0.025″ solid MIG wire, three 0.035″ contact tips, three 0.025″ contact tips, a welding handshield and a chipping hammer/brush.


  • Lightweight and compact for convenient and simple welding anywhere
  • Operates from a standard 115 volt household power outlet
  • Cold contactor safety feature for better user safety


  • Welding mask that comes included is very flimsy
  • Poor control over heat

5. Drico MIG-150D Multi-Function Welding Machine

This MIG welder is an ideal choice of auto body projects as well as for other applications around the home.

Producing a cleaner bead with less splatter than a flux core wire welder, this model is able to quickly and easily switch between Flux and MIG welding thanks to its extra contact tips and adjustable gas regulator with hose.

Portable and lightweight at just 33 lbs, this MIG welder is ideal for transportation between job sites.

Able to tackle jobs both large and small, this kit can be run on either a 120 volt or 230 volt power circuit allowing for extra flexibility and convenience.

It comes complete with ten foot input cables for both 120 volts and 230 volts, a work cable and clamp, an electrode holder and lead assembly, a voltage transfer plug, both gas and gasless nozzles, a gun cable liner.

Also a spinder adapter, a sample 2 pound spool of SuperArc L-56 mild steel MIG wire, a sample 1 pound spool of flux cored wire, contact tips in both 0.025″ and 0.035″, a torch, a brush and hammer, drive rolls in 0.025″-0.030″ and 0.035″, knurled drive rolls in 0.030″-0.045″, and wire guides in 0.025″-0.035″ and 0.045″. 33 lbs.


  • Dual voltage for extra flexibility
  • Comes complete with 10 foot long cables
  • Can switch between flux and MIG welding


  • Difficult to understand the user manual
  • Can tricky to maintain an arc


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