5 Best Floor Jacks For Lifted Trucks [June 2024 Reviews]

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Make sure you can actually get your rig off the ground when you invest in one of the best floor jacks for lifted trucks we reviewed for you to add to your garage...

Top 5 Floor Jacks for Lifted Trucks

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000lb Triple Lift
Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift - 3.5 Ton
Torin T83006 SUV Jack - 3 Ton
Craftsman 4 Ton Low Profile Service Jack
Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One Bottle Jack - 3 Ton

1. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000lb Triple Lift

This very durable triple lift jack from Powerbuilt is simple to use and features a patented design that incorporates padded lift rails to ensure no damage to the vehicle as well as a removable lift saddle.

Its flexible design enables this jack to be used for all kinds of vehicle frames including SUVs and lifted trucks.

It is ideal for easily lifting trucks, ATVs and cars for replacing or removing transmissions or other components and it is very safe to use thanks to the locking safety bar which holds the jack firmly in place once it has been raised.

This convenient feature also means that there is no need for any separate jack stands.

This jack has a total lifting capacity of 4000 lbs and it exceeds ANSI standards.

With its 2 ton capacity, and triple lift capacity, it eliminates the need for purchasing multiple jacks for your various vehicles.


  • Triple lift capacity
  • Padded lift rails to avoid damage to the vehicle
  • Locking safety bar for extra security and convenience


  • Rubber pads may come off during hot weather
  • Quite bulky when compared to some other models

2. Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift - 3.5 Ton

The Blackhawk service jack is made with heavy duty materials and is suitable for lifting lifted trucks and SUVs with ease.

Thanks to its strong steel construction, it enjoys a long lifespan and it is extremely robust for regular workshop use.

This jack has a total weight capacity of 3.5 tons.

It is packed with safety features for the user’s wellbeing including a bypass device to guard against accidental over-pumping.

Also an in-built safety valve which prevents accidental overloading and a swivel saddle which ensures more accurate undercarriage positioning.

The lifting range of this jack is between 5.5″ up to 22″, more than adequate for lifting a wide range of vehicles to give enough height to work on the undercarriage and to change tires with ease.

Thanks to the rolled side frames, this jack also has increased rigidity and strength to reduce twisting and its fast lifting technology reduces user fatigue and ensures work is completed in less time.

It is also protected by a one year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.


  • Lots of safety features for better user protection
  • Total weight capacity of 3.5 tons
  • Lifting height up to 22 inches


  • Lifts quite slowly when compared to other models
  • The handle does not fold up for storage

3. Torin T83006 SUV Jack - 3 Ton

The Torin T83006 SUB service jack is a useful all purpose model which is light enough to move around and to lift and which is small enough to fit into the back of an SUV or passenger truck, and yet which can easily meet the demands of any home mechanic.

Weighing just 49 lbs, this floor jack is ideal for quick tire changes and with its 6″ flattened height, it will fit perfectly under high profile vehicles such as lifted trucks.

Thanks to its maximum height of 21″, it is ideal for these larger vehicles, guaranteeing comfortable undercarriage access with its unique extension neck design which converts this jack into two tools in one.

With its solid steel construction, this is a robust and durable jack which will last a lifetime and yet it boasts an impressive lift capacity of 6000 lbs.

Its large saddle surface area ensures optimal contact with the load while the positive locking safety release handle ensures improved user safety throughout use.

This tool also features an inbuilt overload protection valve to guard against accidental overloads.


  • 2 in 1 tool thanks to extension neck design
  • Lift height up to 21 inches
  • Inbuilt overload protection valve and positive locking safety release handle


  • No handle for maneuverability
  • Quite slow to pump to maximum height

4. Craftsman 4 Ton Low Profile Service Jack

This high lift service jack from Craftman is ideal for anyone who is looking for a large capacity floor jack that has plenty of impressive features and yet which comes in at an affordable price.

This low profile jack can still lift up to an excellent maximum height of 20 inches – more than enough to handle SUVs and lifted trucks.

Designed specifically to accommodate the needs of passenger trucks and SUVs, this jack has a high lifting capacity of 8000 lbs.

It also features an overload valve to guard against accidental overloads for the greater safety of the user.

Made from strong and durable steel, this floor jack will enjoy a long lifespan and thanks to its caster style rear wheels and easy rolling front wheels, it is very simple to move this jack and to maneuver it conveniently into the most appropriate position.

One of the added advantages of this jack is that it can also be used under sports cars and sedans, making it even more versatile and it is also protected by a one year manufacturer’s warranty for the purchaser’s peace of mind.


  • Versatile jack can be used for both SUVs and passenger trucks and low profile sports cars
  • Maximum lifting height of 20″ – ideal for lifted trucks
  • Features rolling front wheels and caster style rear wheels for better maneuverability and more accurate positioning


  • Very heavy when compared with rival models
  • Does not lift higher than 20″

5. Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One Bottle Jack - 3 Ton

This jack from Powerbuilt has been built by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry to be extremely reliable and easy to use.

Made from high quality materials to exceed tool standards, its patented design combines a bottle jack and a jack stand in a single unit for extra convenience and flexibility.

Thanks to the safety bar, the unit can be effectively locked at the desired height for the user’s better safety and with its wide steel base, it guarantees excellent stability, even under heavy loads.

This jack has a maximum height range up to 21 inches – ideal for use with lifted trucks and SUVs and it offers everything required for heavy lifting in the garage with its 6000 lb total weight capacity.


  • Safety bar to lock the unit at the desired height for better safety
  • Lift range up to 21 inches
  • 6000 pound total weight capacity


  • Can be awkward to maneuver

How to Choose the Best Floor Jack for a Lifted Truck?

There are a few elements you need to consider so you can choose the best floor jack for your lifted truck.

Lifting Capacity

First, you need to consider lifting capacity. Usually, the standard is that the jack is at least three-quarters of your truck's total weight.

Pickup trucks tend to weigh between 4,000 and 5,500 pounds, so you need to pick a jack that can safely lift heavy vehicles. For recommendations, check our buying guide above.


Speed and other features

If you never worked with jacks before, you need to be prepared for how slow they are. Unfortunately, that speed is often necessary for everything to work as smoothly as possible.

When your jack moves slow, less weight is moved and less engineering is needed. However, if you want to speed things, you can also invest in a jack that's faster. Just know that it will cost more than an average car jack but it's usually worth it.

So pick the right speed for you and your vehicle.


Next, you need to consider materials. Most jacks are made from steel or cast iron. However, cast iron can rust so it's best to pick heavy-duty steel, as it's very sturdy and resistant.

Aluminum jacks are also rust-resistant and cheaper, but they won't as long as heavy-duty steel.


Height is an essential thing you need to prioritize when you pick the best jack for your vehicle. Height and lift capacity are the most essential things you need to consider when picking a jack for your truck.

Lifted trucks call for height. You should have four lift points on your vehicle, which you can clearly see. That's unless you have runner boards.

Then, you need to measure from these four lift points down to the ground to figure out what's the minimum lift required.

Another thing you need to consider is the lift capacity of suspension systems. Most of these systems need an extra three to four inches of lift capacity just before the wheels lift from the ground.

Ideally, find a jack that has at least, as well as the right height between the ground and the jack insertion.

How big of a jack do you need?

Size of Jacks according to truck

This depends on what type of truck you have and what size it is. You can figure out the size of jack you need by dividing the total weight of your truck by two. Then, choose a jack that can lift more than that amount.

For a lifted truck, it's 60 inches but let's explore the options for other types of trucks as well. Below, you can also find more details about the size of a jack for your lifted truck.

Regular truck

For a regular truck, always get the biggest jack you can find but that can still fit under your truck. So if your truck is 5200 pounds, you need a 3-ton jack at a minimum.

Full-size truck

For a full-size truck, get a jack that can support your entire truck. So if your full-size truck weighs 8000 pounds, you need a 4-ton jack floor.

3/4 ton truck

For a 3/4 ton truck, you usually need a 1.5-ton aluminum jack. Just make sure that when you lift your truck you use a shock bracket or U-bolts.

Lifted truck

So how big of a jack do you need for your lifted truck? Well, for a lifted truck, get one that matches the right weight rating. Then, there are different types of jack you can pick for your lifted truck. These include regular jack, airbag jack, stock jack, and hi-lift jack.

The best option for your lifted truck is a 60 inches hi-lift jack. Just make sure you get familiar with how to use it, as it can be dangerous otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's move on to an extensive FAQ. Find out more about jacks for lifted trucks and how to pick the best one for you.

What kind of jack do you use for a lifted truck?

There are many types of jack you can use for a lifted truck. These include hi-lift jack, stock jack, airbag jack, stock jack, and regular jack.

We believe that the best kind of jack you can use for a lifted truck is a hi-lift jack. That's because it has four feet of added height and it's meant to be used for a lifted truck in specific.

Also, you can use this type of jack as a jack but also as a winch. You just need to adjust the jack mode for that.

What are the disadvantages of lifting a truck with a jack?

Disadvantages of using a jack to lift your truck

There are some disadvantages of lifting your truck with a jack. Especially if you use a hi-lift jack, which is what we recommend.

A hi-lift jack can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. So some people prefer to use air jacks.

Sometimes, a hi-lift jack can shift, fall or crush your fingers, which is why some people think it's dangerous.

So if you want to use a hi-lift jack, make sure that your truck's wheels are safely chocked and that they can't roll forwards or backward. Also, place the hi-lift jack's footplate on level ground.

It's the same for hydraulic floor jacks if they're not properly maintained. If there's one blown seal, the whole thing can lose pressure and your truck can fall down.

If you lift a heavy truck with a jack, you always run into the chance of damaging your vehicle. The way to efficiently use your jack is to also get a jack stand so you can set your load there.

Disadvantages of lifting your truck

Lifting your truck can have some disadvantages if you don't know what you are doing. Your fuel economy and handling can take a hit.

To make sure this doesn't happen, use the right type of jack stand. Also, don't jack up your vehicle without its wheels blocked, and don't keep your truck in the air. Jacks are for lifting only.

What are the benefits of using a jack when lifting a truck?

Disadvantages of lifting your truck

There are, however, a lot of benefits of using a jack when lifting a truck. In fact, there are more benefits than disadvantages when it comes to jack use. Hydraulic floor jacks are especially good.

The benefit of using a jack is that it lifts your vehicle off the ground. Just as a side note, it's meant to lift your truck and not hold it in place. Otherwise, that's where you and your vehicle can get injured.

If you lift your vehicle, it's best to use a bottle jack and a jack stand. A bottle jack is tall so it can easily reach the height of your lifted truck and high jack points.

What happens when you put too much weight on the jack?

If you put too much weight on a jack, then it will most probably fail. That's most often the case for hydraulic seals. When a hydraulic seal gives up, you then need to rebuild the hydraulic ram.

To prevent your vehicle from falling, you can find a jack with built-in release valves. This prevents your truck from falling, and you can find some options in our buying guide above.

Also, pick a jack that fits the weight of your vehicle. Ideally, the jack needs to be able to lift more than the weight of your truck.

Don't lift your truck with a jack if it's above the jack's weight capacity. Otherwise, you're just in for a disaster for you and your truck.

This doesn't mean that if your truck is heavy that it will fall. It just means you need to spend time picking the right jack for your car. But of course, the heavier the truck, the more dangerous it potentially is.

Are aluminum jacks as strong as the steel ones?

Finally, you might wonder if aluminum jacks are as strong as the steel ones. Well, aluminum floor jacks are much lighter than steel ones, as the material is more lightweight.

And that doesn't make them less sturdy than steel ones. For jacks, it's not so much the material that matters. The material can change your jack's lifespan, as well as the rust and corrosion aspects, but it doesn't affect how strong it is.

To make sure your aluminum jack is as strong as a steel one, check the weight rating. A 3-ton aluminum jack is equally as strong as a 3-ton steel one.


Taking time to pick the right jack to lift your truck is essential. The kind of jack you pick depends on the type of truck you have, how much it weighs, and what your budget is.

When picking a jack, consider the speed you want and the materials. Think about the jack's lift capacity but also its height, as that's an important limitation.

In general, for a lifted truck, a hi-lift jack is the best type of jack because of its sturdiness and height. You just need to calculate how much it needs to carry.

In our buying guide, you can find all sorts of jacks for lifted trucks that fit your budget and your truck's needs. We personally recommend the Powerbuilt triple lift jack, as it's our top pick and is very sturdy.

Don't worry, there are so many jack options for your lifted truck, that are guaranteed to safely lift your truck.


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