The 5 Best Motorcycle Torque Wrenches [Top Picks for 2024]

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Since you like to maintain your own bike you know better than to overtighten anything so make sure you buy one of the best motorcycle torque wrenches on the market today.

We reviewed the top five options to help save you some time...

Top 5 Torque Wrenches for Your Motorcyle

Neiko 03727A 1/4 Inch Drive Beam Style
J&R Quality Tools 1/4 Inch Adjustable Torque Wrench
Presa 31003 Beam Style 3/8 Inch Torque Wrench
Nordstrand Pro 1/2 Inch Square Drive Ratchet
EPAuto 1/4" Drive Click Torque Wrench

1. Neiko 03727A 1/4 Inch Drive Beam Style

This drive beam style torque wrench from Neiko offers universal usage thanks to its readings which are in both metric and standard forms, meaning that there is no need to use a conversion chart to quickly an easy achieve accuracy.

This tool allows the user to obtain a precise torque, going from 0 to 80 in/lb in increments of 1 in/lb.

Versatile enough to use for a wide range of loosening and tightening applications, this is the ideal torque wrench for use on motorcycles as well as on bikes, boats and cars.

This tool has been meticulously manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring accuracy to within +/- 4% for even more precise usage, and it is also extremely convenient to use, being suitable for both clockwise and counter-clockwise usage.

This torque wrench also has an extremely compact size, measuring just 11.25 inches by 3.5 inches, and this makes it easy to use even in tight spaces while still being simple to store and transport between uses.


  • Compact size at just 11.25″ x 3.5″
  • Readings are in both standard and metric scale
  • Can be used both clockwise and counter clockwise


  • The indicator is at some distance from the scale so the user must be in the correct position to view it properly
  • The spherical handle makes it tricky to hold the tool in the correct position

2. J&R Quality Tools 1/4 Inch Adjustable Torque Wrench

This tried and tested 1/5″ torque wrench from J&R Quality Tools has a wide range of torque settings which allow the user to loosen and tighten bolts on motorcycles as well as on small engines and on cars for ultimate flexibility of use.

This tool has been factory tested and pre-calibrated to +/- 4 percent for even more precision, and as it has been manufactured from heat treated chrome vanadium steel is extremely durable and hard wearing, making it suitable for use for even the toughest of tasks.

This tool also includes low torque settings which are often difficult to find for increased versatility of use and features both reverse and forward lock settings.

Affordable and constructed to high standards, this torque wrench is an ideal tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals thanks to its solid construction, its easy twist dial torque settings and torque lock.


  • Includes hard to find lower torque settings
  • Made from heat treated chrome vanadium steel for extra durability
  • Easy twist dial torque settings for ease of use


  • Not as sturdy as some of its competitors
  • Does not function perfectly at low settings

3. Presa 31003 Beam Style 3/8 Inch Torque Wrench

Allowing the user to accurately loosen and tighten the nuts and bolts on their motorcycle, car, tractor or truck, this torque wrench from Presa features an easy to read scale which has been calibrated in both directions from 0 to 800 in inch/pounds.

Featuring a graduated indicator tip which eliminates parallax error, this 3/8 inch drive beam torque wrench has an all steel construction for extra robustness and ruggedness as well as an attractive mirror chrome finish which is resistant to corrosion from chemicals or weather for a longer lifespan.

The user will find that their grip is greatly improved on this tool thanks to the textured black handle which allows for impressive control and better comfort throughout use.


  • All steel alloy construction for extra durability and a long lifespan
  • Textured grip which allows for improved user comfort and control
  • Easy to read scale from 0 to 800 in/lbs


  • Scale is not printed on both sides

4. Nordstrand Pro 1/2 Inch Square Drive Ratchet

If you are looking for a high quality professional quality 1/2″ torque wrench, this tool, manufactured by Nordstrand, is the ideal choice.

With its useful length of 25 inches, this tool allows the user to accomplish a greater range of tasks while its easy to grip knurled handle allows better user control and comfort, even when using the tool in oily conditions, in the dark or on vibrating machinery.

This tool has a fully adjustable torque range between 25 and 250 ft/lbs and its reversible ratchet head allows movement in both directions for increased flexibility as well as clockwise torque.

This is the perfect tool for both DIY motorcycle enthusiasts as well as professionals, and it can also be used for a range of other applications including bicycle maintenance and other tasks around the workshop.

Thanks to the easy to use twist grip and micrometer barrel, it couldn’t be easier to achieve the perfect torque with this tool, effectively guarding against the accidental damage which can be caused by overtightening a bolt or nut.

As a dual scale wrench, this tool also features readings in both cm/kg and Nm for ease of use.

Accurate to +/- 4% and adjustable in increments of 0.1, this wrench also features a reversible ratchet head, providing reliable clockwise torque.


  • Dual scale wrench with readings in both cm/kg and Nm
  • Knurled handle grip allows for use in all conditions
  • Easy twist grip and micrometer barrel for ease of use


  • Somewhat rough adjustment
  • Numbers tricky to see

5. EPAuto 1/4" Drive Click Torque Wrench

This high quality torque wrench from EPAuto is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to carry out maintenance work on their motorcycle.

Featuring a durable ratchet head, this tool has been manufactured from hardened treated chrome vanadium steel alloy, guaranteeing a long lifespan as well as increased robustness and durability for many years of reliable use.

Easy to store, this tool comes complete with a handy plastic storage case which is exceptionally sturdy and which allows for ease transportation and storage between uses.

It also features a knurled handle for a non-slip grip during use, meaning improved user comfort and control.

This torque wrench features a high contrast easy to read dual range scale to achieve greater precision and accuracy and it comes pre-calibrated to ± 4% for extra convenience and immediate use.

Its satin finish is not only stylish but it is also resistant to corrosion from weather and chemicals for a longer lifespan.

Reliable and simple to use, this tool also features a click mechanism which alerts the user by both touch and sound once the preset torque value has been reached to guard against the accidental overtightening which can cause damage to your motorcycle’s components.


  • High contrast easy read dual scale
  • Made from hardened treated chrome vanadium steel alloy for extra durability
  • Comes with a sturdy plastic storage case


  • No scale of inch/pounds
  • Not very smooth adjustment


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