5 Best Torque Wrenches For Lug Nuts (January 2022 Reviews)

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Since you're detail oriented you can avoid over and under tightening your vehicle's wheels when you buy any one of the 5 best torque wrenches for lug nuts.

Check out our resident expert's reviews below and rest assured that you'll always reach the correct torque.

Top 5 Torque Wrenches for Lug Nuts

TEKTON 24335 1/2 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench
1/2" Drive Torque Wrench by Bastex
Torque Multiplier Lug Nut Cheater Wrench
LugStrong 26 Inch Universal Wrench Tire Iron Set
EPAuto 1/4" Drive Torque Wrench for Lug Nuts

1. TEKTON 24335 1/2 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

This solidly constructed torque wrench is easy to use, emitting an audible click which can be both felt and heard once the preset value has been reached for the user’s ease of use.

Its high contrast dual range scale can be easily read, even if the lighting conditions are poor while the reversible ratchet head is able to drive in both directions as well as measure torque in the clockwise direction.

Constructed entirely from steel, this is an incredibly robust and durable tool, comparable to an impact wrench, with no plastic parts that can wear out or break.

It doesn't need calibration since it comes pre-calibrated and ready to use straight out of the box for optimal convenience.

Ideally sized for use on lug nuts as well as garden equipment, this wrench has a range up to 150 ft-lb.

It allows the user to tighten fasteners confidently to precise specifications guarding against overtightening while ensuring that the parts are appropriately secured.

This torque wrench has been designed for a consistent level of performance and a very long lifespan of dependable services and, as it is a manual tool, it does not require any batteries or ongoing maintenance.


  • High contrast easy to read dual range scale
  • Emits a loud click once the value has been reached to avoid overtightening
  • All-steel construction for durability and longevity


  • Not ideal for torquing below ~50 ft lbs due to risk of over-tightening
  • Does not fit into tighter spaces

2. 1/2" Drive Torque Wrench by Bastex

This 1/2″ torque wrench is ideal for use with all kinds of projects, however it has its specs specifically designed for working on trucks, cars and SUVs as well as lawnmowers and tractors.

If you require a torque of up to 150 ft-lb, this is the ideal tool, being easy to handle and efficient to use.

This torque wrench is a click-type, which means that it produces an audible clicking sound once the desired value has been reached.

This alerts the user to stop applying pressure to guard against accidental overtightening that can cause damage to the components.

The Bastex torque wrench features an adjustable precision dial indicator for ease of use. Its 1/2″ Extension Bar allows the user to access difficult to reach places when carrying out home repair or automotive projects.

This wrench also comes complete with its own hard plastic carrying case which makes both transporting and storing the tool a breeze.

Manufactured from heat treated steel, this wrench is coated with chrome vanadium, ensuring extra strength and durability as well as easier cleaning.

It is effectively protected against the corrosive elements such as chemicals and weathering while also being protected by a 12 month replacement warranty for peace of mind.


  • 1/2″ extension bar for hard to reach jobs
  • Made from heat treated steel and coated with chrome vanadium for extra durability
  • Click mechanism to guard against overtightening


  • Foot pounds are not labeled on the handle
  • Only goes up to 210 NM

3. Torque Multiplier Lug Nut Cheater Wrench

The torque wrench is ideal for removing and loosening lug nuts from trucks, trailers, RVs, buses, tractors and heavy duty vehicles.

This is the most heavy duty, largest torque multiplier lug nut wrench on the market today with its 1:65 gear ratio, and it comes complete with a full lifetime tool warranty from the manufacturer for complete peace of mind.

This tool comes with 4 1″ drive deep impact sockets for extra convenience as well as a 1″ male to 1″ female adapter for socket extension.

The retaining ball which is on the output shaft also helps to keep the sockets secure.

It comes with its own handy carrying case which is large enough to store the tool itself as well as all of its components and accessories, making transportation and storage a breeze.

As the tool is made from strong cast iron, it is also durable and solid enough to last for many years of tough use.


  • Comes with a strong, large carrying case for convenient storage and transportation
  • Made from cast iron for a long lifespan
  • Has a 1:65 gear ratio


  • Very porous castings
  • Spin off attachment is a little weak

4. LugStrong 26 Inch Universal Wrench Tire Iron Set

Offering the highest torque available, the LugStrong torque wrench offers double the amount of torque of any other tire iron or lug wrench.

With its innovative proprietary L shaped design, it allows the user to remove even the toughest of bolts.

This wrench features an incredibly compact design, with the most commonly found lug nut sizes already built in as well as a 0.5″ adapter to allow for use with any other socket size.

This all in one set even fits conveniently into one compact carry bag for easy storage and transportation, meaning this this set is very easy to keep to hand in the trunk of your vehicle.

The LugStrong also serves a double purpose as a breaker bar for extra versatility, and with its professional quality, it even features a non-slip handle grip to allow for better user control, avoiding slippage.

Manufactured using stronger steel than many of its competitors, this torque wrench has a manufacturer’s guarantee for life for extra peace of mind.


  • Non-slip handle for better grip
  • Serves a double purpose as a breaker bar
  • Compact design and inclusive carry bag for storage and transportation


  • 1/2″ socket adapter can easily be dropped and lost during changes as it is stored on the end of the silver crossbar
  • Tool is not powder coated so paint may peel off

5. EPAuto 1/4" Drive Torque Wrench for Lug Nuts

This lug nut torque wrench features an incredibly strong and durable ratchet head which has been manufactured from hardened treated chrome vanadium steel alloy for an extra long lifespan and increased robustness.

Easy to store, this wrench comes complete with its own strong and sturdy plastic storage case which enables convenient transportation and storage between uses.

With its knurled handle, this wrench also has a non-slip grip allowing for better user control and comfort even during tough operations.

The high contrast dual range scale is very easy to read, making this tool more precise and easy to use, and it is very accurate, being pre-calibrated to ± 4%.

The satin finish makes this wrench resistant to corrosion, increasing its useful life and making it more durable to weathering, which in turn makes this torque wrench perfect for changing tires in the middle of the road.

Its click system also guards against accidental overtightening and the associated potential damage, with its click sound alerting the user when the present torque value has been reached.


  • High contrast dual range easy to read scale
  • Satin finish for resistance to corrosion
  • Click system guards against accidental overtightening


  • Only works on clockwise threaded bolts
  • No scale markings on the tool


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