Best Floor Jack Under $100 [5 Tops Picks for 2024 Reviewed]

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There's no need to break the bank to lift your vehicle for routine maintenance when you invest in the best floor jack under 100 dollars. Your garage will thank you...

Top 5 Floor Jacks Under 100

Pro-Lift Hydraulic Trolley Jack (3000lb capacity)
Powerbuilt 2-Ton Floor Jack
Performance Tool 2 Ton Compact Hydraulic Jack
Torin 3 Ton SUV Service Jack
Liftmaster 2.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

1. Pro-Lift Hydraulic Trolley Jack (3000lb capacity)

Operating between heights of 4.92″ and 11.81″ this strong hydraulic jack features an all welded steel frame for an extra strong and durable construction and a long lifespan.

Resistant to rust, this jack is sure to last a long time without corroding in any weather conditions.

Thanks to the large swivel casters, it is very easy to maneuver this jack into place making it exceptionally convenient to use and as the casters are made from steel they are very robust and strong for extra sturdiness.

This jack also features a sturdy carry handle making moving it around the garage or workshop a breeze.

It also comes with its own blow mold case for convenient storage and ease of transportation between job sites.

With its 3000 pound capacity, it is strong enough to handle many household vehicles making it a versatile and convenient low budget floor jack to keep in your garage at home for emergencies and standard vehicle repairs.


  • Operates between 4.92 inches and 11.81 inches
  • Rust resistant and made from strong steel for a long lifespan
  • Swivel casters for easy maneuverability and carrying handle for easy transportation


  • Can take a while to raise the car to full height
  • The case is quite flimsy

2. Powerbuilt 2-Ton Floor Jack

Made by the reliable and well known Powerbuilt manufacturer, this two ton jack is versatile enough to use on most standard domestic vehicles.

Built to exceed ANSI standards, it has a lightweight design for easy maneuverability and convenient storage without having to compromise on performance.

Designed to handle even heavy duty lifting tasks, it features casters that can swivel through a full 360 degrees for even more convenient and simple positioning under your vehicle for improved accuracy.

This model also features a safety release valve to guard against accidental overloading and to improve user safety during use.

It has a lifting range of between 5 5/16″ and 13″ making it ideal for use in your home workshop or garage.

At its affordable price tag, it is ideal for home mechanics on a low budget.


  • 360 degree swiveling casters for easy positioning and maneuvering
  • Built to exceed ANSI standards
  • Safety release valve guards against accidental overloading


  • Handle is quite short
  • Does not lift as high as some other models

3. Performance Tool 2 Ton Compact Hydraulic Jack

This affordable compact jack features extra wide casters for increased stability and sturdiness during use.

As the casters are also made from strong steel, they are even more robust and durable for a long lifespan.

The Performance Tool jack has been produced to industrial quality making it ideal not only for hardcore automotive enthusiasts but also for professional mechanics.

It has a two piece handle made from steel ensuring a sure grip and as it is equipped with a foam bumper any damage to the vehicle is effectively preventing.

Thanks to the double pump mechanism, the vehicle can be lifted more quickly and it comes with an inclusive rubber saddle pad.

The Performance Tool W1606 jack also features impressive overload protection by way of a bypass valve to improve user safety.

Able to handle a total load capacity of 7000 pounds, this is a strong and sturdy piece of garage equipment that is more than capable of handling a wide range of lifting tasks and vehicles.

It can lift between 3.5″ and 20.5″, making it suitable for use not only on standard cars but also SUVs and higher lift vehicles.


  • Extended lift range up to 20.5 inches
  • Can handle a load capacity of up to 7000 pounds
  • Double pump mechanism for faster lifting


  • Handle is quite short
  • Paint chips off quite easily

4. Torin 3 Ton SUV Service Jack

This three ton jack from Torin comes with an SUB height extender which will save you time and make lifting higher vehicles a breeze.

This is the ideal affordable jack for home mechanics, being versatile enough to use on most vehicles from pick up trucks and SUVs to standard domestic cars.

Its ergonomically designed handle operates conveniently, lifting even the heaviest loads with minimal user effort.

Equipped with easy glide swiveling wheels it can be easily maneuvered into the perfect position for improved accuracy of use.

Its compact dimensions mean that this jack can easily be stored in small spaces between uses and as it is made with high strength steel and a cast iron pump it is strong and durable, boasting a long lifespan.

This jack has a lift range of between 5 7/8″ and 20 7/8″, which is higher than many rival models.

It has also been rigorously tested in the factory for safety and reliability, ensuring that it meets ASME standards.

This is a very safe model thanks to the positive locking safety release handle and integrated overload protection valve, both of which have been designed to protect the user effectively.


  • Excellent user safety features
  • Swivel wheels allow for easy maneuvering into position
  • Compact dimensions for convenient storage even in small spaces


  • No integrated handle for easy transportation
  • Takes quite a lot of effort to raise to maximum height

5. Liftmaster 2.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

If you are a mechanic on a budget who is looking for a low profile floor jack that can be used under even low ground clearance vehicles like sports cars and exotic vehicles, this 2.5 ton jack from Liftmaster is the perfect solution.

With its 3.15″ profile, it can be used under the lowest of vehicles and yet has an impressive lift range of between 3.15″ and 14.5″.

Thanks to the inbuilt safety valve, the user is well protected against accidental overloads while the jack’s heavy duty steel construction ensures a long and durable lifespan.

With a total lift capacity of 2.5 tons, it is capable of lifting a range of vehicles, and as it can be maneuvered easily into position it is convenient and simple to use, even by domestic mechanics.

Thanks to its affordable price tag, the Liftmaster 2.5 ton low profile floor jack is perfect for mechanics on a budget.


  • Very low profile of just 3.15 inches allowing it to be used under low ground clearance vehicles
  • Inbuilt safety valve to protect against accidental overloads
  • Heavy steel construction for extra durability and long lifespan


  • Lowers more quickly than some other models


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